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Thread: Laramie, WY - Fort Collins, CO area?

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    Default Laramie, WY - Fort Collins, CO area?

    With my daughter being a budding biologist and starting her freshman year at Colorado State in Fort Collins later this summer, I envision a fair number of road trips across Wyoming via I-80 and cutting SE at Laramie... so it only makes sense to haul the fly rod along just in case.

    So with little knowledge of the areas, and probably less time to actually explore (more like bonzai trips than planning and taking it all in)... any suggestions for quick access to good fishing that I should pencil in to break up those long rides back home to Utah?

    Oh yeah, and GO RAMS!

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    Default Re: Laramie, WY - Fort Collins, CO area?

    Convienently there is plenty of water along your route. You have the eniter North Park area, which includes N Michigan River, N Platte as it heads into Wyoming through the canyon. You have the Laramie River I believe as well. If you are up for a detour just about 30-40 miles west of Laramie there is from what I hear some nice solitude small stream fishing. Ive never been in that area but the Fly Shop in Laramie knows the way. Once you hit Fort Collins you have the Poudre which is 35+ Miles of fishable water up hwy 14.

    So bring the rod "in case"

    Do have to say I beleive there is a big fire West of Laramie right now and there was one up the Poudre so the fishing access could be sketchy this year.
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    Default Re: Laramie, WY - Fort Collins, CO area?

    Hey I went to CSU!!!!

    Fight on, you stalwart Rams!!!!!

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    Default Re: Laramie, WY - Fort Collins, CO area?

    Sent you a PM.


  5. Default Re: Laramie, WY - Fort Collins, CO area?

    Go RAMS!

    I'm a CSU Alum - class of '88 in Computer Science. Great choice of school for your daughter - she will love Fort Collins and CSU and you'll enjoy your trips here.

    Here are my recommendations:

    1) Cache La Poudre River (aka "the Poudre") in town. Fishable water within 10 minutes of campus. Park at Lions Open Space park and fish downstream to the bridge and upstream to just behind the Jr. High School. The Poudre Trail goes through there, so if your daughter likes to run or bike, she could do that on the trail while you fish.

    2) Poudre Cayon. Take Hwy 14 west off of US 287. You can be on fishable water within 5 minutes of getting onto Hwy 14 with 50 miles of river ahead of you. The lower canyon has been hit hard by the recent fires and the impact on the fish is not yet known but this river is a gem and one of the remaining major freestone streams in northern colorado.

    3) North Fork of the Poudre. You can access this in several places. The easiest and closest is at the mouth of the Poudre Canyon on Hwy 14. Just turn off at Gateway Park - this is 15 minutes from campus and you can fish all the way up to the dam at Seeman reservoir. This is a beautiful park for a picnic too. You can also get to more rugged and remote (and productive) sections of the North Fork in Cherokee Park.

    4) Big Thompson River. Drive to Loveland and take Hwy 34 west. You'll have 20 miles of water between Loveland and Estes Park. Some of it is private, but it's all well marked. BigT is very high quality water with lots of fish, easy access and very wadable.

    5) Red Feather lakes. One hour drive from Ft. Collins. Float tube heaven.

    6) South Fork of the Poudre River. This is an hour up the Poudre Canyon. Turn left (south) at Pingree Park bridge and follow the road and you'll intersect with the south fork of the Poudre. Great place to throw attractor dry flies. River is small enough you won't even need waders.

    7) If you ever want to catch HUGE rainbows in a well managed but private lake - make a reservation with Sylvan Dale Ranch to fish their trophy lakes. It is a bit expensive but I've fished their property 3 times and its been great every time. They have an incredible guest ranch with a private section of the Big Thompson and then several lakes with trout as well as some bass ponds.

    I could go on and on with more places, but that should get you started within 30-60 minutes of campus.

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