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  1. Default Leadville and Twin Lake Area

    I will be visiting the Leadville and Twin Lake area and need to know if there are shops in the area that rent gear for my visiting family.

    I am planning to do a mix of lakes and rivers.

    Any information on some of the local high alpine lakes would be appreciated (what elevation is ideal conditions to fish? Or typical drainage size to look for?) A goal for myself is to hike to a secluded lake and catch some high mtn trout, open to suggestions and any advice.

    Would Ivanhoe Lake or Timberline Lake (west of Turquoise Lake) be good options to take my Mom and Dad? He is against long/hard hiking, but I still want to get him in a place of unreal beauty that Colorado offers. He has never caught a trout and I can't wait for him to experience this, my plan is to take them and get 1 of each species.

    As for rivers, we will be right next to the Arkansas, and if time permits we may go to the Frying pan.

    Thanks Guys
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  2. Default Re: Leadville and Twin Lake Area

    This is a 'plan' i sent out to my group... if there are pointers for these areas I'd appreciate it.

    Fishing Options: Essentially endless possibilities. My goal is to catch one of every species of trout in Colorado (Cutthroat, Rainbow, CutBow, Brown and Brooke trout). We have plenty of access to the Arkansas river just to our east which will give us opportunities for Brown and Rainbow for quick evening trips. The Ark is fished by everyone so I would like to try some smaller streams with less fishing pressure so I have looked up a ton of alternative spots.

    Timberline Lake- Short hike above Turquoise Lake **Cutthroats

    Ivanhoe Lake- Hagerman Pass **Cutthroats <--- full day fishing route

    Upper Frying Pan- Hagerman Pass above Ruedi Reservoir **Brooke Trout
    smaller fish but little pressure so they should be active- AMAZING Scenery
    [ame=""]Morning at the upper Frying Pan lake | Flickr - Photo Sharing![/ame]

    Lower Frying Pan- Below Ruedi Reservoir ** Gold Medal Water (World Class Fishing Spot)
    Fly Fishing The Frying Pan River, Coloradoay 2 at BACKWATER ANGLER

    Roaring Forks River- above and below Aspen *** Gold Medal Water
    Frying Pan River, Roaring Fork River Reports for the week of April 11, 2011 |

    I've got some other spots picked out, time permitting... but fishing the Gold Class sections are a must for me on one of those days.

    So that will keep us busy for a day or two. I will make 1-2 dedicated fishing days so anyone is welcome to come. Mom and Dad will be obligated to go (no ifs, and, or buts).

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