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Thread: Wyoming Fishing

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    Default Wyoming Fishing

    I got a chance yesterday to head down to one of my favorite fishing spots here in Wyoming, when I got there I couldn't believe the amount of Yellow Sallies and Caddis flies in the air and brush. They were pretty hard to miss as they covered the car as soon as I stopped at my fishing hole (actually this is Clint's favorite hole, but he was kind enough to show it to me, thanks again Clint!!!!). I rigged up with a dry/dropper setup and proceded to work the water, most of the hits were on my drowned tan caddis pattern, but later on I remembered that Frank had told me that a green Stimi works on this river and had some success on top (thanks for that tip Frank!!!!). There wasn't anything really happening as far as insect activity on the water, but whenever I sat down to tie on a fly the Yellow Sallies and Caddis flies were crawling all over me. Yellow Sallies were probably 10 to 1 to the Caddis patterns. I need to find a good Yellow Sallie pattern, if anyone has a good Yellow Sallie pattern please let me know.
    Here are a few photos of the fish that were landed:


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    Default Re: Wyoming Fishing

    I got a chance yesterday to head down to one of my favorite fishing spots here in Wyoming
    I wish I could be transported to those spots. Thanks for the reports.

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    Default Re: Wyoming Fishing

    WOW Very nice.
    Tight Lines, Bob

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    Default Re: Wyoming Fishing

    Larry, those are some nice looking fish! My favorite is definitely the second fish. Good times!
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Default Re: Wyoming Fishing

    Great fish Larrylooks like you'll have to buy a bigger net soon my friend!Agree with AJ the second fish is gorgeous

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    Default Re: Wyoming Fishing

    Wow, what a day Larry! It looks like every fish was a netfull. Things here aren't so great right now unless I want to drive to the Kenai for sockeye............

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Wyoming Fishing

    Larry those are some nice fish wish i could be there. I tied a Yellow Sally pattern and my dad and some of his friends used out in Wyoming a few years ago only thing they could get the fish to hit on top then.I used if i remember right some med.yellow beaver dubbing with palmered yellow hackle trimmed on top and yellow deer hair for the wing tied in fairly flat. Been awhile since i tied it .

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    Default Re: Wyoming Fishing

    Very nice Larry, great cutthroats!

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    Default Re: Wyoming Fishing

    wow! very pretty fish. I wise we had a couple of those monsters in the local streams near home. All we have here are 8 - 12in stockers, that all look the same.

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    Default Re: Wyoming Fishing

    Nice, the second and third pictures are sweet.

    "I have a river runs through it on blue ray, so yeah, I guess you could say I know a thing or two about fly fishing."

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