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Thread: Gibbon River - Yellowstone N.P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbaker488 View Post

    That's a nice box and assortment of flies, got any particular website you'd recommend for your supplies?
    I've been collecting supplies/materials for quite a few years and I really like to buy as much as I can in the shops if I can. Back in PA I was close enough to a pair of good shops and usually made a least one trip per week. Now here in Utah I'm close to Fish Tech Outfitters which is a very well-stocked fly shop.

    I just hate to buy anything sight-unseen, especially in this hobby where subtle differences in color can make a huge difference.

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbaker488 View Post

    Do you fish the Provo River in your own neighborhood much?
    I fish the middle section of the Provo quite often in the area from Midway to Charleston... always seems to treat me well. The lower Provo is not on my list of favorites... too much pleasure boat/tube traffic and the fish seem moody. Maybe I'll figure it out one day, but for now I spend most of my time on the middle section when conditions are right.

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    Hi! I'm brand new to this site. I live in WIS. I am "creating " a new system for ice fishing for whitefish, and have researched natural foods for this critters. Everyone uses a very different system for catching them here- no flies... I think I may be stumbling on the better mouse trap... Please write me so I can get back to you with some cool ideas. If you want to see how we do it here go to u tube and check out some Sturgeon Bay whitefish fishing videos.
    There is a better way, and I need to talk to you about it! Thanks! ---John

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    I hope this will notify me as to a posting on my home email...

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