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chauncey 08-19-2012 08:48 PM

Boulder creek
Finally got out fishing yesterday and decided to head up to boulder creek since I needed to be back at the house by 12. First stop was the cable run pull off, I put the rod together and tied on a #14 chubby chernobyl with a #18 two bit hooker and proceeded to walk down stream a bit. Water wasnt moving all that fast but was nice and cold. Took a few minutes but got my first fish a pretty nice brown. After that it seemed like the water went numb, I had a few takes but for the most part I got nothing. Even in this nicer stretch of deeper slow moving water (almost like a pool) where I figured I would get tons of hits. At this spot I also tried my lucky sham-wow pattern that had worked in previous weekends at this same spot (nothing on it either).

So I decided to pack up and move up to a pull off that a guide from FRA had taken me a few weeks back where there are tons of small pocket water and nice boulders to climb over. (There are only two pull offs here (both fit 1 car) one on the downhill side of the road and the other on the uphill side so I parked there and walked down to the other pull off). Here I switched it up and tied on a copper john. Had a couple of nice takes on the hopper but again nothing on the dropper. After losing the hopper/dropped when my line was cut by a sharp boulder, I proceeded to tie on another hopper (again a chubby since I was fishing pretty heavy droppers) and a psycho prince. Finally, I got some takes on the dropper but on a couple of times (landing 2 of them).

Shortly after getting hung up in a tree and realizing the bead from my dropper had disappeared I tied on a fly I picked up at orvis a few weeks back called a tunghead stonefly (with two nice tung beads on the body). First cast and I landed a nice 10+inch brown, subsequent casts all had takes on the nymph. The rest of the time almost all takes were on that nymph and not the hopper.

I'm guessing that the heavy beads allowed the nymph to drop much faster in the pockets and get in the feeding lane. Anyways had a great time and learned a ton (which seems to happen every time I go out).

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For those wondering here's the stonefly I was fishing - Tunghead Stonefly Stonefly Nymphs / Tunghead Stonefly -- Orvis [SI139J] - $1.95 : Casters Online Fly Shop, Premiere online Fly Fishing Source

in black

coldwater55 08-26-2012 12:05 AM

Re: Boulder creek
Nice,about 10 years ago I fished Boulder Creek for about a week everyday.Can't wait to go back

gatortransplant 08-26-2012 09:43 AM

I'm a big fan of double-bead stonefly patterns. They get in the zone quicker and fish seem to like the hefty snack floating by! My go-to steelhead pattern is a double-bead stonefly with added rubber legs and sometimes a few wraps of estaz at the head of the fly.

Looks like a great trip fishing too! Pretty brown you have there. I really do like pocket water but don't see too much of it at home.

mcnerney 08-26-2012 10:17 AM

Re: Boulder creek
Chauncey: Great trip report and very nice photos, thanks for sharing!

gjcordray 08-26-2012 02:18 PM

Re: Boulder creek
Thanks for the report. I am thinking about heading up in the next two weeks. My daughter goes to CU and it gives me a chance to fish and visit her at the same time. Sounds like you had some good success and, as always on Boulder Creek, a lot of fun.

BTW - You mentioned Front Range Anglers (FRA). I have to say, they might be the best fly shop I have been into in Colorado. They stock nearly every major brand and are so low pressure. Very knowledgable and professional.

chauncey 08-26-2012 07:00 PM

Re: Boulder creek
Yeah I tend to head over there during my lunch break (they are literally just a mile or two from my office) and spend 30 minutes to an hour looking over flies and talking with the guys.

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