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    Default Bass Fishing with the Grandson!

    I made a quick run down to my son's house earlier in the week and took my grandson out to his favorite bass pond. We were only able to fish for about an hour and a half but that little pond is a prolific bass fishery and it is always a joy to see how much my grandson loves fishing.
    Here he is with the first fish of the day. Checkout the fishing vest. LOL!:

    Lots of moss on the pond this time of year, makes for some interesting fishing to say the least. The grandson has as much fun swapping out lures as he does fishing:

    We landed 7-8 of these little guys, but despite the lack of size they are nice fighters:

    Here is another:

    Here is another view of the moss situation, the other side of the pond doesn't have nearly the amount of moss but this side is easier to fish from due to the trees and road.

    I was using a tan chernobyl ant pattern that seemed to work fine. The grass around the pond is just loaded with tan grasshoppers.
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    Default Re: Bass Fishing with the Grandson!

    Looks like a great day.

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    Default Re: Bass Fishing with the Grandson!

    Great to see a pic of Wyattlooks like he got good advice from grandpa LarryYou'll congratulate him from "uncle" JP

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    Default Re: Bass Fishing with the Grandson!

    Fun stuff... priceless memories.

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    Default Re: Bass Fishing with the Grandson!

    He's got the smile. Look at my fish! Taking grandkids fishing is a treat. Looks like you guys had a great day!
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    Default Re: Bass Fishing with the Grandson!

    love it!!



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