So I have an old St. Croix Premier that is broken and is eligible for the "Gold Plan" with St. Croix. Basically, you send it back and they will replace it with a Rio Santo.

Since I don't need a Rio Santo, I figured I'd pay it forward and offer it up to someone that is just starting out, or someone deserving of new equipment. Since there's the replacement cost and the shipping cost, to sweeten the deal, I'm also going to throw in a Pfleuger Trion with line, a leader, and some flies so you could take this package right onto the water.

I hope this is ok with the mods:

To enter, post a comment in my blog under the post for the "Free Fly Rod and Reel". This is the only way that I can keep track of people who are interested in the set up instead of compiling a list of names from multiple forums across the web.