I thought I'd revive this thread because I've been actively fishing Clear Creek quite a bit lately before the winter blues set in, and have had some success in the Canyon.

Just last week I was up about 4 miles west of Golden, water was about 80cfs, temps were in the mid 50s, and the fish were really active. I fished from 11am-2pm. I used a tandem nymph rig, with a #20 grey WD40 and a #20 grey RS2 emerger, and one BB above the WD40 to help get the rig down fast. Finally a small thingamabobber rounded out the setup.

Allow the rig to drift out downstream and flop it over into the runs and along the seams; likely to be someone in there interested in eating some bugs. This technique reduces snares and also you don't have to worry about snagging vegetation.

In about 90 minutes, a good 10-12 fish were landed - including a really nice brown - by far the largest fish I've ever landed in Clear Creek. I moved downstream about a mile and found two rainbows - which allegedly makes up about 5% of the trout population in Clear Creek.

Get out there while you can!

13" Brown

Nice little 10" Bow: