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Thread: Almont, CO Kokanee Trip

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    Default Almont, CO Kokanee Trip

    Thursday we drove down to Denver and packed my parent's house into a moving truck, then camped in their living room. Friday they finished packing up the utility trailer and cars while I worked at the local McD's and then headed over to New Castle, CO. Forrest and my Dad had left in the big truck about 2 hours before me and by the time I got there Forrest had unloaded the truck except for the heaviest items while my Dad paced around wondering where he was going to put everything.

    We awoke early Saturday morning to watch the deer feeding in the farm field behind their new place and have a danish before heading over to Almont. This drive would take us over McClure Pass and Kebler Pass to Crusty Boot. I hadn't thought about it but it seemed like there was an awful lot of traffic up there, then I realized it was for the leaves. They turned quite quickly this year but there was still plenty of yellow left to see.

    It took longer than expected to get to the Roaring Judy hatchery, but this trip wasn't only about fishing. Upon arriving at the upper parking lot and prepared for the hordes of people, we were greeted by ... nobody. This was slightly concerning. We went and took a look at a couple holes and figured out why. There were only a handful of salmon. We gave it a shot but decided to head downstream to the Confluence Hole.

    Upon arriving at the Confluence Hole we found more like what I expected. A dozen anglers either fishing or sipping a brew on the banks. It was lunch time so we busted out the stove while watching. Five people were working the hole but only one woman seemed to be catching consistently (catching ... or snagging, hmm). Turns out almost all of the people here were one party and they had been here for days. Nice group of folks welcomed us to join them. As one person would catch one, new people would swap in.

    We fished for a few hours and landed 8-10 fish, with two of them being foul hooked and many lost during the fight. The fishing would slow dramatically, then three or four of us would hook up within a couple minutes. At one point seven of us were fishing this hole. At times it was like tailwater fishing as there would be fish sitting right in front of you or jumping everywhere and nothing was biting. Fly of choice for me was a san juan worm, though we also caught fish on egg patterns and red midge. Others were using egg sucking leeches, but most of the fish I saw with them were snagged. I collected a few for myself from fish landed. Forrest and I decided we had caught a few and the fishing had slowed so we went over to the Almont resort for Happy hour and a steak dinner (actually I had homemade Chile Rellenos, excellent).

    You may ask why we only fished this spot. Simple as this is where the salmon were. Over the course of the day, we had talked with several other anglers that had fished all the way up from Blue Mesa or down from Roaring Judy. Their were a few salmon here and there but this hole made all the rest look like a waste of time. I don't know what's up with that. One had talked to an RJ employee and he said the water was so low the fish just weren't making a strong push up the East. Might be true but I've seen salmon in less water before.

    We returned to the water at 6:30 and I fished until dark while Forrest read. She chose wisely as the fishing never heated up and I lost one fish. We attempted to find a FS road to camp on but the map is lies, not to mention all the real campgrounds are closed (like I want to pay $7 to have access to an outhouse while I sleep...). Headed up Spring Creek road and "camped" in the off road area.

    Sunday morning we planned to be on the river at daybreak but honestly did not feel we needed to rush. We arrived around 8:30am and there were only a couple guys fishing here, two young guys we had met the day before. They had only landed one fish, so apparently low light wasn't the key. They went to get breakfast and we had the place to ourselves. We definitely had the most action during this time. Forrest hooked up before I even had my waders on. We landed about as many as the day before including one brown. Several fish landed had flies in them from the day before, including one I had seen swimming in front of me the night before with a huge orange fly in its back.

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    Default Re: Almont, CO Kokanee Trip

    Hit the image limit...

    Fishing slowed and around 1:00 we headed up the Taylor for a slow drive. I stopped periodically to check what few holes I saw for Salmon, but could not find any. At one point I saw a half dozen cars and knew we had arrived at the mecca. Wow, this stretch of stream is even shorter than I expected.

    Surprisingly, only one person was fishing. Maybe it was the time of day? I had to give it a shot, as you could see 20 inchers everywhere, though we never did see any much bigger than that. Alas, it turned out as expected with the fish at best giving me the fin and swimming away. Most didn't even acknowledge my flies.

    Looking back on Taylor Park

    Down towards Cottonwood

    Had to stop to catch a couple brookies. They weren't as cooperative as I expected.

    Entering Buena Vista

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    Default Re: Almont, CO Kokanee Trip

    Thanks for the show! I love seeing Colorado this time of year. It also sounds like you had a ball on the trip, I may get to go fishing soon and will post some pictures of the scenery if I do.


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    Default Re: Almont, CO Kokanee Trip

    Looks like you had a great time and landed lots of fish, but it's not my cup of tea, reminds me too much of fishing the Kenai....eating fresh salmon is always great but combat fishing leaves a lot to be desired. Loved your photos, CO sure is pretty this time of year!
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    Default Re: Almont, CO Kokanee Trip

    thanks for posting all those pics. colorado this time of year is gorgeous.
    looks like you guys had a great time



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    Default Re: Almont, CO Kokanee Trip

    Great post! Awesome scenery! Those Kokonees are so cool looking color kipes and teeth. Really enjoyed your descriptions makes me want to go!Salmon , browns and brookies what more could one ask for!
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