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    All good dean_mt. Just funnin' with ya. But it is an enlightening article and answer several topics brought up on another forum.
    Do what works best you you is my philosophy, but try other things too, right.
    Think about it, if we all fished the same way how nice combat fishing could be...LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by dean_mt View Post
    If you are new to nymph fishing, which it sounds like maybe you are, you might want to do some reading about "Czech Nymphing" or Euro nymphing which it is referred to...or if you don't like the fab of it all...High Sticking, as it was dubbed many years ago my western anglers like Charlie Brooks. It has now caught on and become very popular due to tournament fishing and the success rate the technique achieves. Anyway, it forgoes the indicator and is much more enjoyable, read active, way to fish nymphs. There is plenty of info out there. If you are not an entrenched indicator nympher (like many of us) it will be a lot easier for you to learn, because you won't have the chuck and duck and watch the fuzzy "bobber" stuff to unlearn!

    I like that caddis pattern too, I am adding it to my winter list.

    Yes, have to say I am new, as far as expertise goes, though I've fly fished from time to time over the years. I cannot claim competence at it, so I appreciate the benefit of your experience.

    I'll look into the other nymphing, which I have heard of. New info cannot hurt.

    Frankly, over the past several years, I have actually had a contempt for even the use of a normal "indicator" so trying one is a step up for me I think.

    I will try any and all things, so long as its fun.
    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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