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Thread: From Gunnison to Estes Park!

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    Default From Gunnison to Estes Park!

    I recently got a promotion at work that will lead me to move to estes park, CO from Gunni, if anyone has any insight to the Estes Park area I would really really appreciate it. I know that there are some real gems there just unsure as to where exactly they are. Many thanks!


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    Default Re: From Gunnison to Estes Park!

    It has been way too long since I fished that area for me to make suggestions but I will say; It's great to see you posting again!


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    Default Re: From Gunnison to Estes Park!

    You will be right there on the Big Thompson river and then you will be just down the hill from all the streams and lakes in RMNP, lots of water to explore.


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    Default Re: From Gunnison to Estes Park!

    Any insights as to some great spots around Gunny you'd care to share? I spend a couple of weeks in the LC area every summer (lived up there for a couple of stretches, then moved on to Vail for several years), and always go through there en route to somewhere else in CO (in fact, buy our groceries in Gunnison, so could make a long day trip to of it).

    Looking for some variety, and maybe something involving a night of camping out (car camping, easing my wife into it).

    Always wanted to do the Black Canyon too, ever done the salmon fly hatch?

    Best of luck with the move, and congrats on the promotion!
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    Default Re: From Gunnison to Estes Park!

    Estes is a huge tourist trap but can be great in regards to fishing. The park offers several areas but spend some time down at Kirk's fly shop to get the low down on the off the beaten path creeks and lakes.

    The winter is my favorite time to fish the Big Thompson. The crowds come down and the fish stay in a stretch just below the dam for about a mile. The ice will take over the majority of the river below this section but the fishing remains good through the cracks for several miles down the canyon as well.

    Think small midges in the winter but do not put them away in the summer either. Zebra midges, RS2's, Rainbow Warriors, and Poison Tungs will yield fish through the winter. Just below the dam add in some skud patterns for continued success. Good luck and enjoy area.
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