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Thread: New Fisherman

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    if you are looking for a fast action rod, i would suggest a Redington CPX. i have two (4wt and 6wt) and have been very happy with both. i like the fact that Redington has a reasonable price point, and a full replacement warranty similar to the high end guys ($30 charge for Redington replacement).

    the CPX rods have been getting phased out over the past year (replaced by the Link rods in 2013), and there are good sales to be had on them now. i got my 4wt last July on the initial wave of discounts, and i picked up my 6wt in the fall on sale as well. both were 40% off, so final prices with tax were in the $190 range.

    Sierra Trading Post has a 9' 5wt on their site, if you sign up for their deal flyer they email you a coupon for another 30% off. That makes the rod around $157 before tax, and you could drive right to the store to save on the shipping.

    on my 4wt CPX i have an Allen Trout II (#1 size) reel, and on the 6wt i have an earlier Allen Trout I (#2 size). i have been very pleased with the Allen reels, and i think they are the best deal going for a reasonably priced, very high quality reel. the #2 Trout II might be a tad heavy on a 5wt rod IMO, but that would give you the highest capacity for baking on your setup. with the Trout II reels priced at less than $150, your total package should be south of $350.

    i have RIO Grand line on both of my CPX rods, and i think it is a great line for their fast action. RIO markets the Grand as being "a half size heavier" line, and specifically designed for fast action rods. i originally had a "normal" WF line on my 4wt, and then switched to the Grand with much better results. if you encounter windy days where you fish in Wyoming, i think the CPX with Grand line should work well in those conditions too. happy shopping.

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    Default Re: New Fisherman

    Welcome. You can get a pretty good set-up with $350. I would do a search on this subject as I believe there are more than a few threads about this.

    Also, I would Google "best beginner 5 wt. fly rods," or something like that and start doing a little research. Pick out a few then start looking around and see how many you can test cast.

    Reason: everyone casts a little different, and so will you. Some rods will feel 'good,' while others will feel 'wrong.'

    Also, test cast a few that are well beyond your price point. Feeling and seeing the difference between a $50 rod and a $700 rod can help you decide what you want/need in a rod. And chances are pretty good that you'll find something near your range that feels similar to that expensive stick. Bottom line, do some casting before you pony up and find out later that you don't like the thing.

    As for reels, while it is nice to have a high quality reel, IMO there is no need to spend real money right out of the gate. Do another search for entry-level reels, and check a few out.

    When I started, I bought a Cabela's Traditional 2 combo (9 ft. 5 wt.) for $90 (rod, reel, line, backing). It turned out to be a pretty good set up to learn on and I caught a few hundred fish on it before eventually upgrading.

    Anyway, a few rod companies in no particular order that are popular with new fly fishermen, as well as the more experienced:

    St. Croix

    And a few reel companies:

    Ross Worldwide

    All of these manufacturers sell at least one 'entry-level' reel, and have pretty good track records.

    "Three-fourths of the Earth's surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn." ~Chuck Clark

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