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Thread: Fishing The Blue River tomorrow 3/23/2013

  1. Default Fishing The Blue River tomorrow 3/23/2013

    Hey Everyone,

    So my buddy and I are going to be heading out tomorrow to hit up the blue river tailwaters behind the outlets. I know it is supposed to be snowing all day tomorrow and I was curious what people thought about fishing in the snow...? I know its not going to be the easiest, but we really just want to get out and throw some line. Any tips on how to fish it? It will be cold, cloudy and snowing... Any tips on types of midges/nymphs I should grab? Just looking for any advice.

    Thank you in advance!


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    Default Re: Fishing The Blue River tomorrow 3/23/2013

    If it is snowing....having fished that river in the snow...I would suggest 18 or 20 bh flash back pt, 14 san juans and some mysis shrimp. If you are not dragging the bottom you are probably not going to catch fish. If you see a hatch...Cravens CDC puff trailed behind a 18 or 20 parachute adams.

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    Winter time is one of my favorites to fish the blue. If snow stopped those fish from eating it'd be a long winter for them. Think tiny flies, size 20 and smaller midges and baetis. Mysis work well in winter too. Look for a midge hatch during breaks in the snow, otherwise fish deep as mtboiler said.

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