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coloradocaddis970 03-25-2013 09:21 PM

Floated from Newcastle to Silt today.
We didn't get launched till about 1130 but it didn't hurt the day. A guide friend of mine had floated the same section on Saturday and faced blizzard like conditions, high wind, sunlight..... the Colorado weather standards for this time of the year. He recommended Girdle Bugs, Peach eggs, Barrs BWO's and worms. We tried them all and had relatively good luck with all of them. I Had tied up a few home brew girdle bugs brown and black in colors with a new addition... rootbeer pearl flash in the antennae and tails. We landed the biggest fish of the day(23" rainbow) off of this fly. Eggs and bwo's brought in a few of them earlier in the day. Massive midge hatches all day long on the whole river, sunny weather seemed to keep the risers down. We didn't see a single surface take. All in all it was a great first float of the season. If anyone is headed out to the Mighty C in the near future i hope this helps.

mcnerney 03-26-2013 04:35 AM

Re: Floated from Newcastle to Silt today.
That is a great float, especially for a beginner oarsman and on top of that usually is pretty productive, congrats!

pb_colorado 04-09-2013 02:56 PM

Re: Floated from Newcastle to Silt today.
how is the water clarity holding up on the lower c and fork? it looks like the fork is above 400 now and could be floated from carbondale to gws, but i was wondering if it is starting to show color. i can't get up this w/e on 4/13, but maybe in another week on 4/20-4/21. was hoping to float a day or two before it gets off color, and then move over the ark for a couple floats in early may.

we floated the glenwood area on the same general days in 2012, a weekend late in march. water clarity was good, a little green murk then but not off color from runoff yet. floated glenwood to dino day one, and west bank (fork) to south canyon day two. no action that early on stone fly nymphs last year, but pt's, prince, and eggs all produced. also had a strong bwo hatch both days on the colorado above south canyon that we anchored to work in the same spot in the late afternoon. had some streamer action, and took quite a few whitey's and suckers on nymphs too.

any info on water conditions and clarity would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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