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theswiftone 03-26-2013 07:53 PM

Summer Trip
Hey all,

A couple friends and I are going on a road trip this summer. We are planning on going to some national forests to camp, hike, and fish. As of right now, we're going to White River National Forest in Colorado, then up to Grand Teton National Forest and Yellowstone, over to Glacier and then make our way down to Yosemite. I was just wondering if there were any places in these parks that you would recommend. Any advice is appreciated.


mtboiler 03-27-2013 07:28 AM

Re: Summer Trip
Hopefully you have a couple months!!!! You could spend a couple weeks in each one and still not get enough!! I have been to all of them.

WRNF is basically Eagle, Grand and Summit county. Where to begin there. You got the Gore, Eagle, Blue, Colorado, roaring fork, frying pan....and a bunch of lakes.

I drove from Summit to Whitefish, the route you will probably take...up thru Steamboat, another great place to fish, over to Tetons, up thru Yellowstone, to Glacier and back. Teton is Jackson Hole...and lots of fishing. Yellowstone is partly in the SW part of Montana, and the SW part of Montana is probably some of the best fishing rivers in the country. And Glacier is probably the most scenic NP in the country with some awesome lakes to hike too.

So unless you got a lot of time, I would suggest narrowing your trip or doing some fly bys!! We spend 3 days in Yellowstone and felt rushed...and I live 20 minutes for Glacier and can tell you it is a full day just to drive west to east in the park...and you miss the best part in my opinion, the north fork road. My wife wanted to kill me because I had a list of rivers to fish in yellowstone park, not to mention the Yellowstone, Gallatin, Madison, Blackfoot, Bitterroot, ext. Trust me, yellowstone alone is a good week of fishing without running out of great spots. And the WRNF is the size of an eastern US state!!

Wow, to have a motor home and a couple months to kill...and you got a summer vacation you will never forget...ever!!!

countr21 03-27-2013 05:52 PM

Re: Summer Trip
As Boiler said (nicely I may add), you ask about too broad of an area. Your post won't get much traffic until you narrow it down a little. WRNF is the largest classified "national forest" area in Colorado I believe. It spans a gigantic area. One could spend a lifetime of summers exploring Yellowstone and Grand Teton and never see it all. And then you will still have time to see Glacier and Yosemite?

If I were you I would concentrate my time into only an area or two. Fishing unexplored territory is much like a game of poker. It takes time to get to know your opponents before you can see how they play. Same with the diverse waters of the Rockies. From the sounds of your plans, by the time you figure a water out, you'll be packing it up and moving on.

And it sounds as if you are more eager to check out the National Parks of the Rockies as opposed to the National Forest and designated wilderness areas. I personally prefer the latter but of course NP's are awesome too. If you plan on coming to Colorado and you favor NP's, a trip to Rocky Mtn NP would be a mistake to miss.

As for do you like crowds? If you hate them like I do, consider a short backcountry trip far up into the Slough Creek drainage. The farther you go, the crowds thin out. And if you want to fish in almost complete isolation, the southwestern part of Yellowstone is a neccesity. Fall River and Bechler River have great fishing in a less traveled area. And the hikes are quite short to get back to the good fishing. And this corner of Yellowstone is known as "Cascade Corner" due to the many scenic waterfalls that are almost non-existent in the rest of the Yellowstone backcountry.

Never been to Teton and/or Glacier. And I could type for pages about the White River NF :rolleyes:

theswiftone 03-28-2013 08:59 AM

Re: Summer Trip
Thanks for the advice guys! I was thinking we would have to cut the trip down.
Thanks for the useful information!

dhayden 03-28-2013 10:24 AM

Re: Summer Trip
Like the other posts say..

I'd definitely streamline it a bit

Stay in the rockies the whole time.. it would be hard to pick the best spots to recommend.. they're all magnificent.. but if I had to.. GTNP -> YNP -> GNP - but only because it's the least driving.. and you could easily fill a month from 1st to last with a few side trips

And remember - how big some of the western states are, and add in the drive times.. and depending on time of year, how crowded the National Parks are (Yellowstone gets about 900K just in July) Yellowstone National Park Visitor Statistics ~ Yellowstone Up Close and Personal

save the 2,000 mile round-trip to Yosemite for another time

Do (pick one to 5)
  • Yosemite
  • Eastern Sierras (H 395)
  • Sequoia NP
  • Tahoe area
  • Shasta area
on a different trip.. just fly into Sacramento and rent a car for that one

coloradocaddis970 03-28-2013 11:54 AM

Re: Summer Trip

I live her ein the WRNF, Great fishing. Brookies, cutties, bows, brown.. you can find all of them within 1.5 hours from where im typing right now. Colorado is fun for some big rainbows and browns. Frying pan is great near the "toilet bowl" for some massive mysis fed fish (they pulled out a 26lb brown 2 months ago at the toilet bowl.) Roaring fork has some amazing fishing aswell. you can do the fork and the pan in a day or 2(pan feeds into the fork which feeds into the colorado). Eagle river has some great fishing aswell. dependin on when youre comming through the caddis hatches can rival anywhere else that i have fished. Gore creek is small but holds some very beautiful fish. There are plenty of small creeks along all of these rivers that you can venture up that hold brookies and native cutties. Let me know if youre planning on hitting this area and ill send you some information on where to go and what to use. Tight Lines.

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