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    Default Question on Casting and Tying Lessons

    Ok, So I am thinking of giving tying and casting lessons. Do I need a license to do this? I get a lot of people that ask me if someone does them...and no one does. Also, what would you charge?

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    Default Re: Question on Casting and Tying Lessons

    if you're just going to be a really nice guy and do it for friends for free, then probably no....but if you are thinking of hanging out a shingle and charging money they you'll likely need typical business licenses from your state. Then there's taxes, social security. aiyiyiyiyi...... you get the drift. As far as I am aware no special "casting" licenses are needed (or even exist) though FFF certification might help you spread your business. Check with state licensing bureaus... they're all on line.

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    Default Re: Question on Casting and Tying Lessons

    complete shot from the hip here but I don't think MT regulates casting and fly tying. It might get a little tricky though if you are out on a river vs. in a park for the casting aspect. Someone who is pretty bored in their rig could say you are guiding at that point. This site will get you started though; and I've learned sometimes just call 'em up!

    Montana DLI - Board of Outfitters

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