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    Default fishing in Denver (literally right in town/local parks)

    so im new to Denver,
    i live 3 blocks from CITY PARK, and there's a lake there.
    can anyone local in Denver tell me which local lakes i can fish? and what fish is in there?

    here's my gear:
    Redington CT 764-3wt
    Orvis Clearwater 904-5wt
    all my flies are for Trout fishing (streamers, dries, wet, nymphs, etc)

    so can i catch trout in any of these local parks? would be great if i could walk 3 blocks and fish.
    maybe some Carp?

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    Default Re: fishing in Denver (literally right in town/local parks)

    Great question! I've been here a couple years and have yet to explore the stuff in town much but eye ponds and streams - so far when I have times I head for the mountains but this year my brother and I are planning on fishing in town some too. You can find reports on the S Platte in town, (I know Trout's fly fishing has one) especially focusing on the carp fishing though also trout and bass. I doubt many ponds hold trout since the temps get pretty warm in the summer but it would be nice to be wrong about that. Once the water in the ponds and lakes gets warmer I plan to explore them with a popper. I love fishing for bass on a fly rod.

    Of the rods you have I'd bring the 5wt for bass. Streamers work and bass will take dries but I'd pick up some poppers as well. I know Trouts carries bass and carp flies and I think Bass Pro does as well as other shops in town. I'm just a bit East of you
    - William

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    Default Re: fishing in Denver (literally right in town/local parks)

    speaking of TROUT's this thursday from 6 to 7 PM they have some well known guy doing presentation on CARP fishing in South Platte, so im going and hopefully he'll cover local Denver fishing park lakes

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    Default Re: fishing in Denver (literally right in town/local parks)

    Was it all carp based? I would like to find some close ponds to fish for bass during runnoff. May just go and try Sloan's or something.

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