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    Default First Aid Kit?!.....

    I'd like to know if other people are carrying a first aid kit. I try to carry a small one with Key items! But what are they? The first aid kit i carry in my vest is about the size of my Perrine #97 fly box. I try to carry items i think would be useful for more trip. Which includes sharp hook's, fire's, and backbreaking hikes! I have a Sling, bandages,ammonia mini packs,mini iodine packets,fingerbrace,neosporin,band aids,cue tips,burn treatment,tweezers,eyewash,butterfly bandages and alcohol wipes. It seems like a lot, But surprisingly it weighs about 8oz. and is a nice fit in my fly vest. I dont think im paranoid by having my small kit i would just like to be semi ready. What do you all think about small first aid kits. Have em, leave em? What would your priorities be in a first aid kit????

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    Default Re: First Aid Kit?!.....

    Roll of electrical tape and a roll of duct tape. One for small injuries, the other for the more life threatening.

    Seriously though, a small first aid kit is not a bad idea. I have always meant to put something together or buy something, I just never took the time to do it though.

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    Default Re: First Aid Kit?!.....

    We have always carried supplies for minor injury and first aid. Last year I put together a more inclusive package for carrying under the consol in the boat. When I'm on foot my kit is very similar to what you are carying. Better safe than sorry,


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  6. Default Re: First Aid Kit?!.....

    Your kit sounds just about like the one I carry in my waist pack and thanks for carrying it. I was in an accident a couple of years ago when a deer came through the windshield. A couple of local fishermen stopped to assist and one opened his first aide kit for us. Like everyone always says- he said "never needed it before". For your boat, check out the guide requirements for your state. Most have very specific lists. Here's hoping you never need it.

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    Default Re: First Aid Kit?!.....

    I carry a safety whistle with waterproof matches, a multi purpose tool and some suture strips (sp) in every pack i own, including fishing. For long trips I have a pretty decent backpacker first aid kit that is loaded. For day trips I don't usually add much.

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    Default Re: First Aid Kit?!.....

    Don't carry one on me as it's rare that I'm that far away from the Jeep. There, I have a massive one behind the drivers seat. Things almost the size of a brief case.

    On the surface it sounds like over kill but I've had three experiences where I've come on car wrecks (in the sticks) and damned near emptied the thing patching up people. First one was the worst; straight head on at speed.

    One car was pulling out from a side road on to the two lane highway when guy going the other direction decided to pass the car in front of him. They went straight into each other.

    And this was before the days of mandatory seat belts, air bags, and such ..........
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    Default Re: First Aid Kit?!.....

    Fishing the streams of the Shenandoah National Park, I carry a zip lock bag with band aids, aspirin, Benadryl, a whistle, waterproof matches, a Swiss Army knife, and a snake bite kit.

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    Default Re: First Aid Kit?!.....

    mine consists of a tiny pill box with benadryl and advil. i also
    carry a lighter and knife all the time.
    in the car we have a extensive kit that has about everything



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    Default Re: First Aid Kit?!.....

    For safety I pinch my barbs and carry some bear spray But I know it's that kind of attitude that can get you in some real trouble. For hiking trips I've got one but don't really carry one while fishing.

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    Default Re: First Aid Kit?!.....

    Seth- Electrical tape great idea! I can think of many uses. Long bow, Pinching barbs, Always a smart thing to do, especially since most streams i fish are barbless. Washington more rules than a virgin on prom night. I like how it seems most people are carrying a first aid kit at least in their vehicles.

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