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Thread: 3 Day highcountry backpacking flying fishing extrodinair!!

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    Default 3 Day highcountry backpacking flying fishing extrodinair!!

    June 1st!!!June 1st! Man oh MANN, I cant wait till june first! I've been planning a small backpacking trip to start off the season, 3-4 dayer.. I have all of the supplies im sure ill ever need. Not sure what my pack is going to weigh im thinking around 60lbs . The weight doesnt bug me at all. I just want to be ready, im bringing my 15 year old cousin that hasnt backpacked before so im trying to figure out how i can have his pack weigh minimal. I have a Molle ultra lite pack frame, But it seems im Out of Date On all of my heavy backpacking gear. I have an old 3 person tent 6lbs, coleman dual burner propane stove 6 lbs, and a heavy ass sleeping bag 3-4lbs. Im looking for all of these items. I dont have a lot of money I would like to be able to find all of these items for under 150$. Not sure its possible but i like to try and be a smart buyer and look for Made In USA deals . Could any of you help me with finding a better tent,sleeping bag, and stove. I like to cook up there, so please no cheap stoves i cant cook with.. Also I am up to any suggestions on getting my pack lighter. Any suggestions on how much stuff to bring? And what to bring???

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    Default Re: 3 Day highcountry backpacking flying fishing extrodinair!!

    Not sure what state you are in. Craigslist is a great place to find camping gear inexpensively. The one thing to keep in mind is the weight of food. You do not want to pack water, so you need a decent water purifier. Not sure if packing waders and boots, if so, the packs will be heavy. For me, food is the last thing to pack and the one item that really makes my pack increase in weight. I typically eat freeze dried food on long packing trips so all I need is the ability to boil water. If you can eat the fish you catch, that is a HUGE plus. There are many small camp stoves on the market. It seems each year they shave off a % of an oz in weight, so the units became old only after a couple of years making them easy to fingd on craigslist etc.

    I do many high country pack trips... Below is a list of items to think about.... These items can / should be carried between everyone in the group. Do not pack two of the same items... Well you'll probely want your own underwear...

    Fishing license
    Rods / reels /net
    Fly boxes / hip belt
    Wading boots
    Toilet Paper (1 roll)
    Head lamp/flashlight
    Nalgene bottles (1 )
    Tooth Brush/paste
    Baseball hat
    Rain gear
    2 pair Socks
    Neo-prene socks
    Camp shoes
    Camp clothes
    Light shirt
    Cot pad
    Sleeping bag
    Camp stove
    Camp chair need to buy small one
    Fire-pan dont need
    Shovel & Ax
    Large spoon
    Paper Plates (2)/ silverware (1)
    Paper coffee cups
    2 Silverware
    2 Lighters
    Backpack stove & gas need gas
    Gps ???????
    Camera / vid camera
    (4-AAA, 4-AA ) Lots of Batteries
    Garbage Bags
    Water Purifier
    Wash basin
    Dish Soap
    Scrub pad
    Baby Wipes
    Paper Towels
    First Aid Kit (Benadryl)
    Bug spray / sun-screen

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    Default Re: 3 Day highcountry backpacking flying fishing extrodinair!!

    I live in yakima Washington. Ive been on craigslist many times just cant seem to find anything worth while over here, or well anything at all in yakima. Seattle there seems to be a ton and portland. But both of those are3 hours away..

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    Default Re: 3 Day highcountry backpacking flying fishing extrodinair!!

    Were are you going back packing at ? Sounds fun what about Bears ? are they going to be in the area that you are going ?
    i like the list that CutThroat Leaders put up . and also how far are you back packing in to were you are going have fun and look forward to reading your post and seeing picture when you get back.
    Thanks Joseph
    Joseph Russell

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    Default Re: 3 Day highcountry backpacking flying fishing extrodinair!!

    Hey thanks sumojo. I am in eastern washington yakima area.. Im going up into william o douglas wilderness area. I have found several great small streams and creeks with a ton of fish! Not all of them are biggins actually most of them arent! But i can expect to catch between 25 and 50 of them in one day. Bears im not tooo worried about but they are on my mind. Personally im more worried about the cats and wolves than anything. But I have my protection and dont let the knowledge of knowing theyre there ruin my trip. My hike is a great one.. Very easy for beginners! the hike can range from 5k-15+k. But the one im taking my cousin on should only be around 10-12 miles. We hike into our camping spot which is about 4 miles in. set up camp and fish, fish, fish. I like to leave camp for the whole day and try to bring lunch and other necessities for a day fish. most of our hiking is done right down the middle of the stream with our fly rods. I like to try and fish the whole time, to many great holes to pass up! And as for the pictures, well u better believe im going to have some great ones. I'd like to have a GoPro Hero cameras so i can take video as well.. Thanks for taking the time in reading my post!

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    Sumojo, If ur in the area let me know. I'd be down to show you some great backcountry fly fishing spots.

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    Default Re: 3 Day highcountry backpacking flying fishing extrodinair!!

    Sounds like a great trip! I've got a big one coming up myself.

    Here's a suggestion for a stove.

    MSR SuperFly

    In order to stay in your budget you'll need to get your sleeping bag and tent second-hand. You could easily spend $150 on each of the three items. Maybe consider selling some things you don't need. I've done this before to fund new rods.
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    Default Re: 3 Day highcountry backpacking flying fishing extrodinair!!

    Haha I know!! 150 isnt much, well its practically nothing for backpacking gear! I have no problem in buying things second hand, granted they be in great shape. Ive seen the MSR superfly, my question on that is can i cook with it? I love my hearty meals and dont mind packin in a few stakes. I would love to be able to cook a nice trout i caught during the day but, its a catch and release stream.

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    Default Re: 3 Day highcountry backpacking flying fishing extrodinair!!

    I haven't used it myself, but it looks ideal for your situation. It's a lightweight cooking stove made for backpackers like yourself.
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    Default Re: 3 Day highcountry backpacking flying fishing extrodinair!!

    Clock is ticking down fast but Google REI. Main store is in Seattle and if they sell 'it,' it's the best of the best.** Their equipment has been on top off Mt. Everest many times ... like the first time it was climbed. Don't know the availability of water on the route your planning but I always carried an empty 1 gallon jug. You don't have to fill it to the top (8 pounds), but if you're going to out of range of water for more than 12 hours (and its hot) you will need a lot of drinking water.

    ** You may be over budget, but you'll never buy it again.
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: 3 Day highcountry backpacking flying fishing extrodinair!!

    Ok, first off, if you are looking for light, I can tell you that you will need to spend more then $150. I good sleeping pad and bag under 5 pounds combined is going to be over $200 alone new. Getting that combo around 3 pounds is going to cost you over $300. A tent under $100 new is going to weigh 5 pounds.

    As far as stuff...consolidate. Consider a small camp stove that you can boil water in instead of a filter. Plus a filter is going to be $75 for a good one. That will save you a lot of money. Filters are great, but a good one that will keep you safe is not cheap.

    Think of a multi purpose tool as a hook remover, knife, can opener, sissors, nippers and small camp saw. Bring a small axe and you can dump the other tools. One pot, one spoon and you are good.

    Camp cloths? I sleep in the next days cloths. Camp shoes, consider dumping the waders, getting a pair of good sandals and you are good. they dry fast and you can wet wade.

    I would go to a recycle sports type place to look for gear. That will save you a bunch of money.

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    One last thing...consider investing in good stuff. Cheap is good short term, but a cheap stove is a cheap stove. If you are looking at an item you know you will use again or often buy a good one. It will pay for itself.

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