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    Default 2013 CO Runoff Timing?

    With the cold spring and the large late season snow, when are we looking at for runoff? How long and how large? Do you think the tailwaters will be less effected as Denver water, etc. try to refill the low resevoirs?

    My friend's father in law is coming out at not the best time and is a huge fly fisherman, so trying to anticipate how things are going to look.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: 2013 CO Runoff Timing?

    Runoff has been off to a slow start here in northern co because of the cooler weather. Further south might be a little different. But the Poudre is starting to run high and in a few weeks I'll have to start hitting some stillwaters and filling out the fly box.

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    There will be huge differences depending on what basin/rivers you want to fish. Southwestern Colorado (San Miguel, Dolores, Animas & San Juan basins) is shown today at 18% snowpack, while the South Platte is shown at 132%.

    I would just plan on fishing a tailwater if I were you.

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    Default Re: 2013 CO Runoff Timing?

    It is happening right now in Southern Colorado along the Arkansas River - not sure for how long though. We have been pretty dry for a while and folks downstream are calling for water while we are trying to save the water. Along the South Platte Denver water is storing the run off in there reservoirs so flows aren't too bad. In fact they could let a little water out in my opinion.

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    Near the Denver area, Clear Creek and Bear Creek are running especially fast and high. The South Platte above Chatfield was still fairly low the last time I was there.

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    The poudre through town is running at 1100 CFS right now. Glad I got out on tues when I did, it was only 120. Caught my first big carp on tues too!

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