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Thread: Wipers? Anyone

  1. Default Wipers? Anyone

    Any info on wiper fishing in fortcollins area would be greatly appreciated.
    Maybe some info on types of fly patterns, have heard horstooth to be good from shore but the place is so big I'm not sure where to go lol.

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    Default Re: Wipers? Anyone

    I can't help you with the location, never been there, but Wipers/Stripers will take most flies designed for them regardless of where they are, if you can match the available forage. I've never found it to be necessary to get too exact with patterns, but they can get selective at times & will key on specific prey. However, in that case fly size, profile & presentation is usually much more important than the actual pattern or color.

    The trick of course is finding them. I'm quite old school about the patterns I use for Stripers & still rely heavily on Deceivers, Seaducers, Clouser Minnows, Half & Half's & bucktail streamers. Plus, I really like Murdich Minnows. The EP style flies are another productive fly that I have in my fly boxes. I also use a lot of eel patterns, primarily tied with rabbit strips, but don't know how well they would work in a freshwater impoundment. Might be worth trying, however, as the action of such flies is superb & Stripers slam them.

    If you need ideas for flies, check out these two websites: The first is the site of Capt. Henry Cowen, who is well known for his excellent & productive fly patterns, and guides for freshwater Stripers in GA. Henry's fly patterns are proven & he's a great guy! You might try contacting him for additional advise. He's a real nice guy & loves talking fishing for Stripers.

    The second site is that of Capt. Chris Newsome, another great guy & a guide in the VA Beach area. Chris primarily fishes the waters of the lower Chesapeake Bay, and is another superb fly tier. Chris is quite innovative too, and has developed some unique patterns. Chesapeake Bay Fly Fishing & Light Tackle Fishing Charters in Virginia

    Chris's patterns are in the "Articles & Lessons" section of his site.

    Hope this helps!
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    Default Re: Wipers? Anyone

    I've never fished for wipers, but my instinct would be to explore the coves on Horsetooth and any points along the shore. I'd also stop into one of the fly shops in town and ask questions to see if there is any local knowledge.
    Home | St. Peter's Fly Shop is a full service pro fly fishing shop with the best selection of fly fishing products and guided fly fishing trips in Northern Colorado. Located in Ft. Collins Colorado we are conveniently positioned in close proximity to

    Here is some info on wipers:

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    Thank you for the info , hopefully some guys around my way fish for wipers and visit this forum.
    I used to live back east(MA) and surf cast for stripers and thought it was awesome that I'd be able to catch ther hybrid brother.
    I see union res is a big place for them not too far from me
    Definetly would love to know people's tactics for this one

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    Bump Bump

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    Lonetree Reservoir has some wipers, not a lot as they are converting it to a Walleye fishery but there are big ones.
    There are others around McCall lake (smaller) .
    Most the Wiper of White bass lakes will have Gizzard Shad in them so you would want to copy those.
    I've been planning to get out and hunt wipers too. My plan is to get out with some big Clousers in White and Gray or Gost Colored Clousers sometime.

    In the meantime:
    Fishery Survey Summaries | Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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    Default Re: Wipers? Anyone

    The Jackson Inlet has been good in the past, but the best time for that has passed this year. You might try the dam there, but it gets pretty busy with the mussel fishermen.

    Its coming up on the time to chase boils, but I don't have a boat equipped for that.

    Oh yeah, this one was on a pink/white clouser.

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    Default Re: Wipers? Anyone

    I don't really know the fishing area in Ft. Collins very well, but the guys in the Down Town St. Peter's fly shop are NUTS about wiper. Definitely give them a call or pop in, cool guys in there. I know for sure that they fish Lake McConaughy and Lake Ogalalla in Ogallala Nebraska quite a lot. I'm in Sidney so I'm only 75 miles from those two lakes so I frequent them quite a lot for BIG wiper, trout, etc...Lots of wiper pushing 12lb, many a lot bigger. They like to feed on stocker trouts. Big nasty clousers and articulated baitfish patterns really get the wipers attention. If you want more info feel free to PM me.


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    Default Re: Wipers? Anyone

    Sorry, don't know anything about the ft. Collins area. However, I've fished for wipers in three states (OK, MO, AZ), in lakes or streams and one pattern I know works anywhere is a red and white minnow-shaped offering.

    Right now my favorite is a #6 red and white clouser (white on the shank side, red on the hook side). The last three years I've been tying my own, as here in AZ they tend towards the depths, so I tie them with oversize dumbbell eyes.

    But I've tied/fished deceivers and found them to be effective as well, if the fish are up that day.

    If there is one constant for myself when fishing for wipers, it is that the water has always been stained to cloudy, never clear. This might be why the red and white thing has been so effective for me.

    If the water clarity is similar for you in Ft. Collins, this might be of some help too you.

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    Thanks all for the help as I'm a total newbie to the area and I'm sure the where to go threads are a pain, Ill be making more of those
    I had a few people also tell me loantree res is a good one but a boat or canoe is needed, lets see if I can prove them wrong
    Vanish that's a nice catch you got there, if you don't mine me asking I see you for a cabelas prestige plus how are you liking it and what size it

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