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    Default Going into Yellowstone Park? Watch where you get out of your car.

    "Dud artillery shells left above remote Yellowstone Park pass
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    13 hours ago Associated Press

    JACKSON, Wyo. An unknown number of dud artillery rounds litter the slopes above a remote pass inside Yellowstone National Park.

    But there are no plans to find and safely detonate them or stop the avalanche control program that uses artillery shells to keep the pass open during the winter.

    One National Park Service study estimates around 300 unexploded shells above Sylvan Pass on the east side of the park, but Yellowstone officials say no one knows the real number.

    The Jackson Hole News & Guide says at least one artillery shell was found on the highway that goes through the pass.

    Despite the danger, Yellowstone's proposed winter use plan would continue the practice of using artillery to keep the pass open over the winter. Public comment on the plan ends Monday."

    Remember this from many years ago skiing at Steven's Pass in Washington State. End of winter you'd get snow build up where the Forest Service didn't want same (avalanche danger). Fellows had a truck mounted recoiless rifle and would 'shell' the snow pack.

    After the first BOOM everything stopped as the skiers did a WHOOA!
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    Default Re: Going into Yellowstone Park? Watch where you get out of your car.

    I though all the old Recoilless rifles were gone, it's got to be getting tough to find old rounds for those by now.. the army retired those in the late 70s, switching to TOWs .. I know some places went to air cannons

    interesting read (it was in our paper today too)

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