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Thread: Pike 8 or 9 wt

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    What's most used for pike fishing 8 or 9 wt, Ive read alot use 9 wts but I'd like to get people's opinions here that fish for them in Colorado.
    I'm thinking of pairing up a 9wt redington crosswater or 8 wt crosswater over lined with a cabelas prestige premier 9/10wt reel
    Thanks for any help
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    I use a 9 wt rod for pike because of the large flies but I would think an 8 wt would be ok.


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    That's what I was thinking, ill prolly end up with a 9wt anyways as I've got a 7 wt and love it so an 8 prolly would not be used but then again that's what I was thinking with a 9
    Decision decision

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    I would base it on two things; average size fly you will throw and average size fish you will catch. I use both an 8wt and a 9wt. I've landed 40" plus fish on both.

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    Ended up ordering a echo ion 8wt, I think it'll be more versatile as I can just upline it with 9wt line. Should be a great starting point for bass,wiper,carp and pike

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