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    Default Grumpy old men 2013 - hopper search

    It has been a couple of years since my fishing buddy and I visited out west. We're thinking/planning/inquiring about a trip this year. The last time we visited Wyoming, we fished the Green and up the west side to Yellowstone. We had a great time with some personal bests and new species (cutthroat & grayling, also saw the homecoming parade in Pinedale).

    This year, we would like to get into some good hopper fishing. The charts we've seen say Jun-Oct is hopper season. Right now, we're concentrating our planning on the North Platte (Six Mile Gap, Pickaroon areas). This is just based on some internet chat.

    The questions are: Is the North Platte a good place to focus our efforts?
    What's the best guess of prime time for hoppers? (we probably have about 2 weeks).

    Thanks in advance and we're open to suggestions. Again, we'd just like to get into some good hopper action.

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    Default Re: Grumpy old men 2013 - hopper search

    Roadkill: We mostly see hoppers in the Jul/Aug timeframe, maybe into Sep, depends on when the first frost occurs. I would call the Four Seasons Fly Shop in Laramie and ask them. They guide on that section of the North Platte and can provide current information on this year's hopper crop. North Park Anglers out of Walden, CO also guides on that section of the river as well as Stoney Creek Outfitters out of Saratoga, WY. Take a look at their web sites to see if they have hatch charts and river reports, but if I was targeting hoppers I'd come late Jul through Aug. You will find hoppers later but it is kind of ify depending on what the wx does. Last year I remember doing a float trip on the Green in mid-Sep and when we left the house if was 19 degrees, not exactly hopper wx.

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    Default Re: Grumpy old men 2013 - hopper search

    Thanks for all the good info.

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