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Thread: Grey Reef?

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    Default Grey Reef?

    Well it has been a while since I have been on due to a move a promotion and a new baby here in a few days. Hello to all my old friends!! I have a question about the grey reef as i am planning a weekend out there and dont know anything about it other than it can be super fun and there are some huge fish out there. If you have been or live near please let me know what techs I should use and flies I should bring. All I have heard so far is that big streamers are killing it? Again, ggod to be back and I appreciate all of your insights!!

    p.s. hey hardy and hey nearney

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    Default Re: Grey Reef?

    Heck: I sent you a PM.

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    Default Re: Grey Reef?

    In my sixty three years of trout fishing (I started fishing garden hackle with a fly rod at age six) I have taken 18 guided trips. The last one was last October at Grey Reef. I'd have to say that that day was probably the best day of fly fishing of my entire life. I didn't go three minutes between fish the entire day. All were rainbows between 16" and 21", and a 16" fish up there weighs fully twice what a typical Colorado trout of the same length does. By the end of the day my right wrist was aching from playing fish.

    Furthermore, I don't think I've ever fished a river where a guide made as much difference as Grey Reef. The previous year I tried it on my own and managed three fish on, and two in the net all day.

    The river is big and virtually impossible to read. It's like a giant Montana spring creek with thick beds of aquatic vegetation. The fish are concentrated in deeper holes that you can't see until you drift over them and realize it's too deep for the grass to get near the surface.

    We fished a double #18 nymph rig and streamers with equally good results. We also got out of the boat and waded up several side channels tossing a #18 Royal Wulff with great success.

    I used North Platte Lodge and highly recommend them. They are the only lodging at Grey Reef and have the only decent food for 60 miles in any direction. It wasn't cheap, but it's not something most of us do very often, and it made a world of difference.


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    Default Re: Grey Reef?

    I just returned from there a couple days ago. Water is high, which everybody I talked to seemed very excited about. We were just wade fishing, and there was plenty of water to fish. I would fill your box with red rock worms and a fly that grey reef angler fly shops call a deep purple. I looked up deep purple on the internet, and it is different than the one that the fly shop sells. We didn't throw streamers at all, so I can't tell you if they will be effective or not. Expect to use a lot of weight. There were times when I was using 3 BB shot on my line to get it down in the faster current. Fish were holding in the seems between the faster deeper water, and the more slack current. Have fun, catch fish. feel free to pm me for anything else.

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    Floated the reef on the 15th and it was on fire! We had 50 fish to the boat and lost easily 30 more. Red rock worms were the hottest fly for sure, followed by PMD's which were coming off nicely. DIdn't see to many caddis or have much luck with them. Purple sparkle worms produce well as well. Midges always work too. If you are closer to the dam, the smaller stuff works well, as you get down lower the worms and leaches pick up and you can throw some bigger stuff. The streamer bite has been sporadic at best according to the guides I talk to right now.
    Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: Grey Reef?

    Also with lodging is Jason Hamrick and the Cowboy Drifters.

    Check their website,

    I would say that it's doubtful anyone or any guide knows as much about the river as Jason their cabins right on the banks of the river are very reasonable and adequate for 4/5 peeps.
    Jason Hamrick

    Agree on all previous posts re: flies etc.

    Flows are high right now, but that river is a friggin Trout Hotel! lol. Nah, it's a Trout RESORT hotel lol. So many hungry fish per mile it's almost unbelievable. A few weeks back we (2 of us) caught neary 140 fish in 3 days. 70 day one with Jason in a drfit boat, 50 day two with Jason in a drift boat, and 20 on our own day three wading...

    Have fun! Amazing place, can't wait to get back.

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