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    Default Re: Madison Valley or Gallatin Valley help needed

    Interesting blog for YNP: Fly Fishing In Yellowstone National Park

    Local fly shop links can be found here as well.

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    Roger that Chris. Park's fly shop has a lot of great info on their website and I will be stopping in.

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    Actually, a number of small streams coming into the Yellowstone in Paradise Valley hold plenty of fish once you hike up them into the mountains a ways and get above where they get diverted for irrigation. Pine Creek, Mill Creek, Six Mile Creek all have fish. But it's usually pretty tough fishing, with close quarters casting and a lot of rock scrambling. Not for the out-of-shape.

    And by that time of year, the Yellowstone itself is low enough that it is surprisingly good wade fishing. Just pick an access that has a lot of gravel bars and islands in sight, or stretches where you can walk the edges below the high banks. Side channels around islands that still have running water often hold a lot of fish that haven't gotten pounded by the floaters. We used to have a cabin near Emigrant, and I'd park at what's known as the Wanigan on the East River Road where it swings in against the river and fish one wide, shallow riffle below a little island. I could spend several hours nymphing that riffle, and while I didn't always catch a bunch of trout, there must have been thousands of whitefish in that riffle.

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    Thanks much for the added info and suggestions on the Stone... Will definitely wade in in that area. Floated by many such areas with guide and wish we stopped and hit a few places we couldn't reach from the boat.

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    Default Re: Madison Valley or Gallatin Valley help needed

    Big creek may be too low to fish in Sept. But you could take a walk up Mill Creek. Little access but once you get in it can be really good.

    If you are not afraid to drive, I would look at the Boulder south of Big Timber. Decent access and it is right up your alley. It is a little smaller than the Gallatin but same size fish. You might also consider the Shields. Both are outstanding wade fisheries.

    Besides the Gallatin, you might also consider the East Gallatin. I think there are bigger fish in the East Gallatin but not sure how much that matters.

    Sounds like you know which waters to target in the Park.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Swimmy - thanks for the suggestions. Fished a fast section of Mill Cr when I stayed on the creek a couple of yrs ago. Caught a couple but the good stuff just up the road was posted private. Perhaps I didn't go far enough up stream. Also hit the Boulder below Big Timber. Think I went through access off the Swingley Rd. there was a camp back there with a few cabins. We hiked in through the gate and crossed the foot bridge and up over the hill... to be turned back by a heavy shower. I was trying to get to the section that runs trough the valley up there but it was a heck of a hike so maybe was going about it wrong. Are we talking about the same section of the Boulder?



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    Default Re: Madison Valley or Gallatin Valley help needed

    Swingley? It sounds like you were fishing the west fork of the boulder. That is pretty much creek fishing. There is, however, a nice meadow section about 3 miles in from the forest service cabin. Might be worth your time but there is a lot more water to fish with easier access.

    What I was referring to is the main Boulder. If you head east on I-90, get off at the first Big Timber exit. Here you have a couple options: you can drive through town where eventually you'll cross a bridge that goes over the Boulder and there is a state park. There you can access the river and easily find good water.

    The other option is as you are coming into Big Timber hang a right on McLeod rd. This road takes you up into the Boulder Valley. There are several bridges along the way which provide good access.

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    Swimmy - yeah, I was on the west boulder and have not fished the Boulder! Thanks much for the access info around Big Timber. I look forward to spendin more time on the water this time -a major goal of this trip and will have a lot of fine folks on this forum to thank.

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