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Thread: How are the water levels?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbaker488 View Post
    Dean, I think you almost dropped some poetry on us there with that phrase. But that's good news, as it sure is about time since it's Labor Day weekend.
    How's the smoke in your area there around Missoula, have you gotten some relief from those fires west of you ?
    Thanks Jim. The skies have been clear the past couple days. Its been very nice. I hope to fish tomorrow.

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    Default Re: How are the water levels?= Current info.

    FWP lifts fishing restrictions on Bitterroot River

    August 30, 2013 5:50 pm By Ravalli Republic

    Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks lifted fishing restrictions on the Bitterroot River late Friday, making it the second river this week in western Montana to be relieved of restrictions.

    FWP lifted drought-related restrictions on the Clark Fork River on Aug. 28.

    The entire main stem of the Bitterroot has been closed to fishing from 2 p.m. until midnight since July 25 to reduce the impact on drought-stressed fish. Now water temperatures are holding below the 70-degree restriction trigger.

    In the Blackfoot River drainage, fishing remains closed from 2 p.m. until midnight on important bull trout streams, including Morrell, Gold, Belmont, Cottonwood, Copper and Monture creeks; the North Fork of the Blackfoot River; and Landers Fork.

    The Blackfoot drought response plan calls for implementing an all-day fishing closure on the main Blackfoot River and important bull trout tributaries once river flows drop below 500 cfs at the Bonner USGS river flow gauge.

    Flows have been holding steady around 520 cfs, but on Wednesday, the USGS recalibrated its Bonner gauge as part of periodic equipment maintenance to assess for accuracy.

    After calibration, the flow reading dropped to 488 cfs. The Blackfoot Drought Response Committee did not anticipate this recalibration, and will meet on Sept. 3 to decide how to proceed. For now, the main stem Blackfoot River remains unrestricted.
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