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    Question Water Conditions in Colorado?

    I'm hoping some of you can help me find the good water for the next week or so. After all the evening storms last week most if not all the water I have seen has been quite silted, I live on the Western Slope. I have a friend flying in from the east and we're have the next week to fish.

    So the question is where to fish, a road trip isn't out of the question but we don't want to spend all our time on the road. Montana whle nice would be too much of a drive.


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    Estes Park is one of my favorite areas, for the fishing and scenery. Great fishing in the RMNP and also the Big T below the dam fishes well year round. There are dozens of pulloffs between Loveland and Estes Park.

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    Being on the West Slope, its not a long drive to the Roaring Fork Valley, of the Lower Colorado, which holds some record trout. Or, maybe the San Miguel, Rio Grande, or Uncompaghre? All of these rivers should be fishing great right now. Have fun and good luck wherever you end up!

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    Just got back home in Texas from the Gunnison/Almont area; great fishing, weather and fellowship.

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