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After fishing with Larry McNerny, went back to fish Trout Creek on the North Fork. Over a week, multiple 18-21" cutts and bows were caught. Water temps were ranging from 56-65 degrees. Successful techniques were high sticking two nymphs. Stone flies and wooly buggers followed by north fork specials of varying sizes were succescful for me. After working various lanes, would then swing the rig and hooked up with a fair amount of fish. The best was a 21" cutt caught on the swing! Quite the fight into the backing! With this heavier rig, my 7 wt did well.

Mike and I loved the fishing. Hated to take a work break and go back to St. Louis this week. Looking forward to another trip to Cody!

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First time to try and post pictures from my mac-try to get the fish pics up later.