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  1. Default Beer sucks but fishings great!!

    Had to drop the kid off in Colorado this past weekend.. I needed the a day off from work and really needed some sorely missed action on the water. So we leave Ca. around 4;30 pm and pretty much drive straight through except for a quick dinner and an attempt at some sleep in Utah.. My son had no problem sleeping except for when I would stop. I pull into a rest stop and try to get some sleep and he wakes up. He asks if we could just continue driving... I sigh and decide that I have had an hours rest and we can drive. We are not even 5 minutes back on the road, I look over and he is sleeping again. Screw this, I pull into the next rest stop and he wakes up again. I tell him that I can get some rest or we can crash... He's nice enough to let me sleep for another hour until the sun starts coming up. I am not loaning my truck or jeep to him until he can stay awake while in a car!!!!.. We continue on and make it into Colorado and I start drooling at all the great water that looks very fishable along I70. I really wanted to pull over and fish but I didnt have a license..
    Fast forward one day and license in hand, kid left at his Mothers and I am out exploring the headwaters of the Coors Brewery. As I am driving along the road, it was hard to keep my eyes on the road and not on the creek.. Remember that a creek this size back home would be a river From the lack of fishing for the past few months, I was extremely jittery and almost foaming at the mouth to get out and fish.I have only been out once since my club outing in May. I go and pull out the waders, put my wading sock on my right foot and pull the waders on and head out..Yep I forgot the wading sock on my left foot and just used the normal cotton sock. I never noticed until I was taking my waders off after fishing and had a laugh to myself... Maybe next time I wont be in such a hurry, but it was humorous to say the least. I managed to catch 4 fish until several rafters came down and the fishing just shut off. Really not sure if it was the rafters, direct sunlight or the 14 hour drive looming in front of me. Either way I was on the road again and stayed in my waders and wanted to pull off and fish some more but for some reason, I just couldnt find a decent spot... I did start to wonder how far can I drive in waders.
    It was a great trip but I wish I would have done some homework since I passed up so much great water to fish. There is always next time and after a great few hours of fishing and some great scenery the 14 hour drive home wasnt that bad. Anyone want to do an extended day trip? LOL On the way home I managed to get stuck in a few thunderstorms and took a pic of one. It reminded me of a jelly fish with the tendrils hanging down.

    On to a few pics
    Sunrise in Utah

    Nice Thundershower

    pot of gold around here someplace

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    Default Re: Beer sucks but fishings great!!

    Great trip report! Smart move not letting the son drive until he can prove that he can stay awake!
    Congrats on the awesome looking browns!
    You are correct, Colorado does have some mighty fine looking water.


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    Default Re: Beer sucks but fishings great!!

    Nice report! I definitely feel fortunate to live in a state like CO that has water full of trout, and views like your pics.

    I'll be on I-70 tomorrow enroute to a few places...and fishing all weekend. I'll post a report!

    tight lines

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