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    Default Beartooth mts day hike

    Finally getting out there and hiking again! We have been taking our year old on short hikes in a frame pack, I do a little fishing for an hour or so at a small lake

    I enjoy just getting out with the girls, this lake is no secret gets stocked with rainbows 2-3 times a year but can be empty somedays. I love tossing dries (except on stocking day) to these little rainbows. While my wife and daughter play.

    I got the itch last week to do a full day hike 10 miles to prep for some longer pack trips I plan to do before snow falls. So I geared up light and went for it. The morning had clouds and cleared up at the start of my hike which made it hot, but that would change.

    I ran into a lame moose I heard about, seems this cow has been around the trail and river for awhile. Of course when I went to get a photo she bedded down.

    When I got to the lake, I was alone so alone I just sat down ate and soaked it in. While I was eating a few clouds set in but wasn't too worried about rain. Wind was hitting most the lake, but had glass at the other end. No easy task to get to with no real trail and downed trees all over. I started my way over, and the clouds star forming up. I debated even rigging up... then I see my first cruiser, nice cut looking up. I quickly rig up and wait for another I didn't wait long cast, slurp, and miss the hook set! This lake has skunked me before, that fear set in of being rejected. I continue down ninja like, and see my next target. Roll cast right in his sight, watched him debate it and then hammer it.
    Fish on!

    Nice colors but not the big guy, after the release this fish bunkerd down at my feet. Worried I went to poked it with my rod tip, before I reached it I felt my line pop. Fish on! Laughing all the way on this freebie, it was a great fish 17-18" with meat. I didn't bring a net like a moron, so pics were hard to get this one got away from a hand shot.

    Moved down trying hard to make it to the calm water where I could see a few risers. I look down a see this big guy deeper feeding off the bottom, figured no way he will look up. Tossed my fly out, to watch him instantly come up and sip my fly down. Never have I had a take feel like time slowed down as much as this one. Took forever! Thought I would wiff the take for sure, but I even waited after the sip.


    I lost one my wife swears is bigger than this 2 years ago. I didn't care after landing what would be my biggest fish on a dry (beating the freebie catch before).

    After missing a few more takes, the clouds got really dark. I started to feel a pressure change, packed up and headed out. It was too late, mile into my hike back it started coming down. Was nice... wet, but not too cold and I never stopped grinning the whole way to the car.

    Ps my first catch was just fine, and didn't end up on the dinner plate.
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  2. Default Re: Beartooth mts day hike

    Great post. Love sight fishing. Good looking fish!
    "Bait is for little fat kids"

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    Default Re: Beartooth mts day hike

    Congrats on the great looking Cutties, sure makes the hike in/out worthwhile!


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    Default Re: Beartooth mts day hike

    Nice post i love the Beartooths.

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    Default Re: Beartooth mts day hike

    Wow, I'm speechless!! You just pretty much surmised the typical fishing day of any high lake in the Rockies!! From catching the small ones, to the threatening weather, to the stalking of trout, to the missing of the one that got away, and the culmination of the trophy trout that sipped your fly so unexpectedly.

    Fishing for trout in the high country.....does life get any better??????

    Well done. Great post. Good pics (but make em bigger!!....photobucket).

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    Default Re: Beartooth mts day hike

    Countr got me started on reliving some my hikes from last year. Remember this post and uploaded better pictures (photobucket ;p )

    This is a day I will never forget, can only hope to do it again this year.


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    Default Re: Beartooth mts day hike

    Quote Originally Posted by shortyb View Post
    Remember this post and uploaded better pictures (photobucket ;p )

    Those are beauties......again, well done

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  13. Default Re: Beartooth mts day hike


    That brings back so many memories.

    We used to hike and fish the East Rosebud drainage every summer.

    You would look up at a bowl on a mountain side. and say lets go fish that one. 5 or 6 hours later you were on top of the world catching fish that may have never been caught before.

    What a great experience. I cannot wait to take my kids up there and do the same.

    Lakes like Mystic, Dude, Senial, Lost Lake, Phantom. I am sure you know them all well!!

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    Default Re: Beartooth mts day hike

    Thanks guys, I just love the Beartooths!

    You know I haven't fished around east rosebud yet except the river. I have a goal to do pack trip there this summer (didn't make it last summer).

    West rosebud is where we camp a lot, emerald lake while busy is fun to fish. I caught a grayling there one year. Rare for the area, makes me want another. The hike to mystic is a mellow one and stunning. Stillwater/woodbine falls is another area we journey too. Mainly I day hike in my area along the rock creeks, I want to do basin, or Mary's around west fork this year for some big brookies.

    The rangers also did some blasting on the road to hellroaring, but I doubt the roads going to be good enough to drive my crv on though. Going to try and talk a friend into taking his razor up this year.

    So many lakes so little time!

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