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    Default Pecos River today

    July 30, NM 63 was opened from north of Pecos to the end (Jacks Creek Campground). The river is closed downstream of Tererro (but, of course, that hasn't stop people from fishing it. Grrr), but is open upstream of Willow Creek. We parked near the Mora confluence and fished upstream into the special trout water. Joanne was into a fish within 5 minutes of starting. Between us, we caught and released well over 20 fish in less than 3 hours of fishing. Missed a whole bunch of strikes as well. Largest caught was a 12" brown that I pulled out of a side-channel pool behind a rock/wood dam. I was surprised to see that fish hanging out there.

    The Pecos below Tererro is where the Tres Lagunas fire happened and that, plus the serious runoff from storms this summer, has managed to kill over 80% of the fish. They don't expect it to be back to normal in less than 10 years. The fire damage is pretty extensive. It's pretty amazing that no structures were lost in the fire.

    At any rate, it was gratifying to see that the local fishery wasn't completely lost.


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    Default Re: Pecos River today

    Bob: Great to see that you were able to get into some excellent fishing despite the loss of habitat.


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