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  1. Default 1st Trip to Montana - Greater Bozeman Area FF & Yellowstone


    It is very tough for me to getaway during my busy summer work season - but I have August 13-24 to fly fish in Montana. I have fished the past 7 winters in Argentina, Bahamas, Belize & Mexico along with some spring/fall days here in Virginia. So, I have some experience but would love tips on the following to make a great first trip to Montana/Yellowstone:
    (1) Given this time of the year and limited guiding funds - What are the top three float/guiding days and waters to book?

    (2) What are the top three areas to fish on my own via SUV rental and the area/time of year (will be solo so safely on my own)?

    (3) Can't book a Yellowstone Lodging (unless their is a last minute source) - so any advice for a few nights near the park for daytrip access?

    (4) Any value weeks or know of any last minute outfitter to try to get in on a special offering? Should I try to get over to Idaho & Henry Fork?

    (5) Would enjoy a scenic drive and stays on the water and away from the summer crowds - any thoughts?

    I have gathered some information but should do some planning, bookings next week as this trip is suddenly on me.

    With my thanks,

    John Raker,
    Harrisonburg, VA

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    Default Re: 1st Trip to Montana - Greater Bozeman Area FF & Yellowstone

    John: Welcome to the forum, sounds like you are planning a good trip.

    Here are a couple web sites that offer some good info on the area:
    July salmonfly fishing report

    Yellowstone Fly Fishing

    Places to stay: I heard there was some recent vacancies at the Soda Butte campgrounds!

    (Just kidding, the campground is closed due to a bear mauling).

    Some of our Montana members should be able to give you better insight on the local fishing in their area.

    You might want to send Biggie a PM he is a FF guide out of Boseman and can probably help with specfics. Hopefully he will see this thread and respond but might be pretty busy this time of year.


  3. Default Re: 1st Trip to Montana - Greater Bozeman Area FF & Yellowstone

    John -- My knowledge is limited of the area but I did just return from a week of fishing near Livingston and the Northeast section of Yellowstone National Park (I stayed at the Travel Lodge in Gardiner). Most of the intel that was really helpful to me was from Biggie (as suggested above). Send me a PM if you want the after action review from my trip. Wish I was heading out there now -- Soda Butte, Pebble Creek, and Trout Lake should have low fishing pressure these days!

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    Default Re: 1st Trip to Montana - Greater Bozeman Area FF & Yellowstone

    There are alot of quality rivers right around the bozeman area.



    Google is your friend, type in one of those rivers and then either "guide" or "report" and see what pops up. I love every single one of the rivers.

    I have not managed to get out fishing in the last month and a half. I am working 50-60 hour weeks, and have a 3 hour round trip commute on top of that. I am not sure which rivers are fishing the best right now.

    Montana Troutfitters -- Bozeman's oldest and most trusted trout shop is the resource that i use.

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