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Thread: CO Warm Water Opportunities?

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    Default CO Warm Water Opportunities?

    Most everyone knows of the Trout fishing in Colorado, however what I would like to know is if there are decent warm water opportunities. I have found a little information about some Bass and Pike fishing in Colorado, but how legitimate and how numerous are these opportunities? Trout fishing is a blast and I love fishing Trout in the winter, but Bass and Pike are a very nice change of pace!

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    Default Re: CO Warm Water Opportunities?

    I know that the South Platte has Carp and there are a number of lakes with bass in them. When I go visit my grandson we always make it a point to hit a private smallmouth bass pond that my son has access to, that is loaded with fish, just a blast for a youngster to experience.

    You might be interested in looking at the Colorado Fishing Atas.
    Colorado Fishing Atlas


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    Default Re: CO Warm Water Opportunities?

    Your post reminded me of this article - Pike on the Colorado near Pumphouse. Not sure how plentiful, but apparently they are there. I also love bass fishing but haven't explored it much here. I guess when I have a change to get away I go to the mountains for trout. I've got my eye on some ponds and want to explore the S Platte in town for bass.
    - William

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