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    Default Bob marshall wilderness

    Just made it back from a 6 day backpacking trip in the Bob Marshall wilderness.

    Excellent fishing, scenery, and memories.....


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    Default Re: Bob marshall wilderness

    Great place.

    It's been almost 40 years since I was there.

    It doesn't look like it's changed. That's a good thing.
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    Default Re: Bob marshall wilderness

    At least 30 (40?) since I was last there. Heavy back pack and my first Yellow Lab; Sheba had his own pack with dog food in the pouches. Hike up/down river, sleep on the beach (didn't need to set up the tent-good weather) and a beach fire for the one pan dinner. MRI's sort of things, just add water. "Sumores" were a great desert. Dog got his share, but without Choc. Cookie with a melted Marshmellow was his treat.

    Cuddle with Doggie on my sleep mat and off to La-La land for hours.
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    Default Re: Bob marshall wilderness

    Awesome! The Bob is a place I've been wanting to get into for many years now. So jealous. Great looking cutts you got there.

    The Bob is rumored to have lots of pack trains and outfitters. How was the condition of the trail? Osthoff says in his book that sometimes the pack trains can really mess up that trail. Horse packers are really known for screwing up the trails and campsites all over the Rockies. They've devastated a lot of trails and nice areas in the Winds and the Flat Tops.

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    Default Re: Bob marshall wilderness

    This time of the year the pack trains are pretty much coming to an end. I have heard in the peak of summer the fishing/traffic pressure can be quite heavy.

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    Default Re: Bob marshall wilderness

    thanks for the input my friend

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    Default Re: Bob marshall wilderness

    I have never been in the Bob but it sure looks beautiful and those cutties sure are gorgeous! Congrats on an awesome trip!


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    Default Re: Bob marshall wilderness

    My God that's beautiful!
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    Default Re: Bob marshall wilderness

    The Bob. Love it up there. Incredible. Great trip.

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