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Thread: New Member Going to Yellowstone

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    Thanks, John!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbaker488 View Post
    If I may, I'm going to piggyback onto this thread and ask Larry, Dean, and the other experts on this Board a couple followup questions about some fly fishing tactics. I'm still in the novice category when it comes to fly fishing, and need all the help I can get.
    I'm planning on being out that way in western Montana (though not necessarily the NP) in the last week of September up into the first few days of October by which time there surely will have been multiple frosts. So can I deduce from Larry's statement that by then it probably will be too late to employ hoppers and therefor the best approach re flys will be with nymphs and streamers ?

    That is correct, by then the frosts will have set in so hoppers will have been done. Nothing wrong with a dry dropper rig especially if you are fishing skinny water. Keep an eye out on the water to see if any bugs are floating. Even if you can't identify what they are a parachute Adams with a dropper is a good start. Personally, that late in the year, my first weapon of choice would be to pull out the streamer rig. If you like nymphing that will almost always work.


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    Hello again, fellow fly fishers!
    I feel a little need to reciprocate for your help, so this is my way of contributing SOMETHING. My wife Robin thinks that I am totally obsessed with fly fishing and fly tying, and (of course) she's not far off the mark. It's a great preoccupation for the retired, I guess!

    We now have 3 grand kids (ages 2 through 5). Maddy (Madeline), the 5-year-old has already gone fly fishing with me 2 or 3 times and is a great sport. She asked about girls fly fishing, so we have used Joan Wulff's excellent (free) videos online.

    However, here is a video that you might enjoy. The local grandson Conner really likes this one (he moves to the music while he's sitting in my lap!) Since I am a great lover of brown trout, I enjoy it, too -- over and over, as you can imagine.
    [ame=]Fly fishing for brown trout on the edge - YouTube[/ame]

    Have Fun... Tom

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    If you don't like wearing the waders, then you might look at getting a pair of neoprene wading socks. As long as you aren't wading too deep they will keep your lower legs warm. Most fly shops will carry them.


    Quote Originally Posted by tom hines View Post
    Thanks for all of the "welcomes" and suggestions, everyone.
    I will research the streams that Larry mentioned (if I can find a shuttle to get me there!). Here in New Mexico and Eastern Arizona, I use long nylon pants and low hiking shoes with chains to prevent slipping most of the season. The only insulated booties I have are attached to my chest waders, which I try to avoid.
    I presume that I would likely get cold in mid-September wading unless I plan to use the waders, eh?

    Thanks again for the help! Cheers, Tom

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    Default Re: New Member Going to Yellowstone

    Here's a couple updates to some of the nice posts you received thus far.

    Fall fishing in Yellowstone means less anglers, usually.
    Lake Lodge awesome place to stay
    Never seen any shuttle services at Lake Lodge (Possible Lake Hotel but they could be closed by then)
    Boat Rentals end around first week September
    You can fish the beach at Fishing Bridge and walk towards outlet
    A marker will indicate your boundary (Used to be if you could see the bridge you went too far)
    And you can also access it right from Lake Lodge Cabins.
    Nice spot on the lake at Gull Pt near Marina Bay.
    Less people at Sand Point
    Last but never least - BEAR SPRAY a must.

    And as one poster said, you might want to put more resources into a guided trip one day just to make sure you get what you came for.

    Pick up a guide book for fishing Yellowstone at your local book store. I keep going back to the one written by Richard Parks of Parks Flyshop (Gardner,MT) but there are other titles as well.

    Enjoy and we'll expect the full report.


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    Thanks, Kyle
    I have a guidebook coming that should arrive just before we leave. Aren't there some dinky streams that cross the road not too far from the north end of Yellowstone Lake? Perhaps they are all in the perimeter areas of the park?

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    I don't fish that portion of the park much, but there's a lot of small streams that are in that area that are fishable.

    I really like Craig Matthews book.. highlights a number of the streams in the area

    [ame=""]The Yellowstone Fly-Fishing Guide: Craig Mathews, Clayton Molinero: 9781558215450: Books@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    His shop is in West Yellowstone:

    Parks in Gardiner is good as well, I just usually come in from the West entrance

    Like others have mentioned.. mind your surroundings and be bear aware

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