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    Smile Re: Do you use a Wading Staff?

    Yes I do, to fish another day.

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    Default Re: Do you use a Wading Staff?

    I'm in the planning stages now, they'll be made of carbon fiber, and I'll roll them myself at work. The Boss was kind enough to offer me the use of mandrels, prepreg, the rolling table, and the oven for my project.
    Ordered a couple of trekking pole tips on ebay, and watched the local thrift store for a set of ski poles with nice grips.

    Fred, I like your thoughts on having a bit o' weight in the staff, so I'll incorporate a pound of lead shot and epoxy resin into the bottom of the staff before installing the rubber tip.

    As many have mentioned......age and close calls have a way of changing your outlook on life.

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