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mcnerney 09-10-2013 08:34 AM

Fishin' Kelly's No Tellum' Spring Creek
Last week Brian (Liphookedau) was up in Alaska salmon fishing with Ard, then he flew into Jackson and I drove up to pick him up and go fishing together. At the time I was really undecided on where to go. I was really thinking about going into the NE section of Yellowstone NP, but when I saw the mob of tourists in Jackson (after Labor Day) and the progression of cars headed north into the park, I talked it over with Brian and we decided to head to Idaho and invade Kelly's No Tellum' Spring Creek. Previously, I had contacted Kelly to make sure he was ok with bringing Brian out to fish and he was fine with that. When I head that way I always like to stay at the Sleepy J cabins in Swan Valley as the people that own the cabins are really nice people, but they were all full, so we ended up finding a motel in Rexburg, (instead of the original plan of camping). As it turned out, we were both glad we had a roof over our head when the late afternoon monsoons hit. While fishing on the spring creek, we had a great time and enjoyed bouncing ideas off each other trying to figure out what the fish were feeding on at any particular time. This always seems to be the challenge of fishing a spring creek, but lots of fun. We both caught some very nice cutthroat and browns and lost some huge fish. It is interesting to watch how the alpha fish come out of the weeds and take over the pool, chasing the smaller fish, it looks like a torpedo coming through, but if you hook into one the show really starts. Every trip eventually comes to an end and yesterday, we packed up and headed back to Jackson, Brian was headed for Las Vegas for a day, then on to Hawaii for a day before heading back home to Australia. Here are some photos of the trip.
Here is the famed fishing hole, named Kelly's No Tellum' Spring Creek, just an awesome piece of water:
This water is just loaded with Cutthroat like this one:
Brian casting to risers:
A nice Brown trout:
Another nice Brown:
Brian with a nice Cutthroat:
Brian changing flies (we did that a lot trying to solve the puzzle of what the fish were eating):
Brian with a camera shy Cutthroat:
Brian with another nice Cutthroat:
Another nice Brown trout:
Same fish, different view:

mridenour 09-10-2013 08:39 AM

Re: Fishin' Kelly's No Tellum' Spring Creek
Larry, I am deeply concerned that you are struggling with the dull day-to-day grind of catching and releasing beautiful fish in breathtaking locations. My heart goes out to you and you are in my prayers.

jpbfly 09-10-2013 09:08 AM

Re: Fishin' Kelly's No Tellum' Spring Creek
Was looking forward these pics of your fishing with Brian:)Beautiful spot and fish:thumbsup:

kglissmeyer1 09-10-2013 09:23 AM

Re: Fishin' Kelly's No Tellum' Spring Creek
That's my baby. Man I love that place and would fish it daily if I could. I'm glad you two had a good day and sad that I missed all of the communications from you with an invite to join you. Next time...

Most excellent post and pictures.


the_infidel 09-10-2013 10:53 AM

Re: Fishin' Kelly's No Tellum' Spring Creek
great pics, thanks for the share!

mcnerney 09-10-2013 11:23 AM

Re: Fishin' Kelly's No Tellum' Spring Creek
Thanks everyone!
Here are some additional photos we took of the South Fork on the way home. Kelly definitely lives in a beautiful part of the country:
The South Fork coming out of Palisades Reservoir:
The preferred method of fishing the river is in a drift boat:
The falls:
The South Fork on a rainy afternoon:


the_infidel 09-10-2013 11:30 AM

Re: Fishin' Kelly's No Tellum' Spring Creek
oh yea im jealous!

wannafish 09-10-2013 04:41 PM

Re: Fishin' Kelly's No Tellum' Spring Creek
Awesome pics!

ted4887 09-10-2013 05:02 PM

Re: Fishin' Kelly's No Tellum' Spring Creek
I liked all of that, a lot!

ghocevar 09-10-2013 06:16 PM

Re: Fishin' Kelly's No Tellum' Spring Creek

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