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Thread: Serious Water

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    We had something similar out east 2 years ago with Hurricane Irene. The Green River went from 40 CFS to about 18,000 CFS in 8 hours.

    Somehow fish lived through it although the structure of most rivers changed in dramatic ways.

    Good luck to everyone in the area.

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    wow! That's quite a spike. wow.

    We can hope the same for our rivers, I suspect like Fred says that Mother Nature has a way of sorting it all out.

    Bigger issue is all the people displaced/homeless/dealing with damage including loss of life

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    According to the news the water should start coming down, though in some areas that will take awhile. Still many homes and neighborhoods flooded not to mention farms and field. They are reporting 1,253 people missing at this point. Hopefully that number will come down very quickly as they are able to connect with people who have been isolated by the flood waters. A lot of military helicopters passing over the neighborhood yesterday.
    - William

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    We drove up Bear Creek canyon yesterday. The lower part, upstream past Lair O' the Bear, appears to have stayed pretty much within it's banks. O'Fallon is a different story, being more open, it's flooded everywhere. Further up the sides of the roads are eroded in places, some of the driveway/bridges are damaged. In Evergreen it's as shown on the news. Part of the first parking lot you come to is gone and Cactus Jack's is an island with water running on both sides and through it.

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