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  1. Default Unfortunate timing

    I've been planning a trip to 11 mile canyon for a month now, but today I decided to call the national forest to see if I needed to worry about finding a campsite despite the fact the website said they were open year round today I was told they close oct. 14, 3 days before I leave. So is there anyone else to camp? It doesn't have to be 11 mile canyon. I just want to be able to walk out of my campsite directly to a stream since I'll driving 1100 miles for the privilege.

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    Default Re: Unfortunate timing

    It is the canyon that is open all year, even if they don't allow camping, never looked into it myself. There are some spots to camp along the S. Platte around Deckers, could be worth looking into. I don't know if they close.
    - William

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    Default Re: Unfortunate timing

    Just curious who told you that they were closing and why? The first campground inside 11 Mile Canyon is open year round. It is called Riverside Campground. I have camped here in the winter.

    There is also a campground on the Platte called Happy Meadows that may be worth checking out. The are is also surrounded by National Forest and you can camp pretty much anywhere for free. There is camping at 11 Mile Reservoir and a small motel just outside the canyon entrance that lots of hunters use.

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  5. Default Re: Unfortunate timing

    The girl at the ranger station in fairlplay told me they were going to close. Hopefully she didn't know what she was talking about.

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    Default Re: Unfortunate timing


    I would follow Randy's lead and make some calls along with reservations if traveling 1100 miles................


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  8. Default Re: Unfortunate timing is showing that everything is unavailable until next year.

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    Default Re: Unfortunate timing

    I've never camped there as I live less than 20 miles away ; but , the canyon is not run by the FS , it is maintained by " Canyon Enterprises , inc.".
    They have a website or you could call , 719 687 3563.
    Good luck!

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    I have bad news amigo. I spoke to "the Gate Keeper" in the Canyon and they ARE closing all camp grounds before October 19. She said that they may keep the Riverside campground open if the weather holds out. All campgrounds will be closed by October 31 though.

    I asked her why they were closing the campgrounds and she said to keep hunters out of the area. Not sure what that's all about...

    “Fishing for me, as funny as it sounds, is sorta my brand of praying almost. I’m never closer to my spirituality than when I’m in the act of fishing.” - JT Van Zandt

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  12. Default Re: Unfortunate timing

    Yeah I got that number yesterday from the fairplay ranger station. The lady told me that would stay open. I dunno it's hard to read what will actually happen

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    Default Re: Unfortunate timing

    'Real campers' in Colorado refuse to do the pay campsite thing. Why be crowded by other people in the middle of the woods? I only use pay sites in emergencies on road trips. The general public at campgrounds is usually horrible and obnoxious.

    Get a decent Colorado atlas or map of the area. Any 'green box areas'/national forest roads allow camping up to 2 weeks. Most numbered forest roads in CO will have nice campsites at some point along the way, and many of the roads are passable in a 2wd vehicle. I am not very knowledgeable about that specific area, but if it is like most of the rest of CO, you should be able to find free camping.

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