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    Default Small Stream Cutts - Idaho

    I posted this in the Cold Water Section, but I thought I would put it here too in the Idaho regional area for those that are looking for specific states information.

    I only get over to this small stream section once or twice a year. Usually I try to fish it in Oct. For much of the year it is dewatered, eroded, and too warm. It has many problems, and for most of the year the fish are stressed just from the environmental issues they face.

    So I am sorry that I can't divulge where this little section of stream is. I hope you all don't mind. I am posting this because I wanted to share the beauty of these native cutts. Out of all the places I fish, I think I admire and respect these fish for thriving in a hard situation. They are survivors!

    Each year I have seen fewer fish and fewer year classes. I didn't see any fingerlings at all this year. Many of the trout are longer, but more snaky. Beavers have taken over and most of the runs and pools are now slow water with lots of weeds. This stream really needs a good spring flush.

    Fishing any kind of nymph through the bottom slime would be a major challenge. Even my dry flies turned pretty green from being drug through it. There were still hoppers out especially on the hillsides, but it was cold enough in the shade that there was ice on edges at noon. Hoppers and larger flies weren’t working so I switched to a parachute adams type of fly for most of the day. I probably could have switched to a caddis or hopper later on, but I stuck with the smaller flies since they seemed to be doing ok.

    Sorry about the water spots on some of the pictures and how many there are. I tried to cut back on the number of pictures, but I have a hard time culling any. And no, not all the fish there are the big ones. They are just the ones I take pictures of! It does kind of give you a one sided slant to the creek though.

    This next fish was the fattest and healthiest. I think it probably took care of all the small fish!

    I love the colors and different spotting patterns on the cutts.

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    Default Re: Small Stream Cutts - Idaho

    The stream looks very much like one very close to my home here. This has been a funny fall there with lots of small fish and few large ones. The long fish are thin also, I'll go give it another go tomorrow maybe. Nice pictures & fish you're still catching there.


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    Default Re: Small Stream Cutts - Idaho

    Nice small stream...full of nice....fishlucky you

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    Default Re: Small Stream Cutts - Idaho

    Man, those are tanks for that size of water.

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