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Thread: San Juan River

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    Looks like you got all the advice you need already, so for once I'll be brief. Bring a few gold BH simi seal leeches in brown. Dark brown, I believe. Fish them either under a bobber or cast and drift/strip. I had 20 inch fish actually chase these things last time I was there. Oh, and tie them to at least 3X tippet; 4X will only net you heartbreak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyfishnbum View Post
    Welcome to the forum oldfarmer

    The San Juan has been fishing good and is only improving as the water is finally clearing from the long turnover that we had this year. I fished it Friday and started to pick up the bigger fish that had made themselves scarce while that water was murky. Midges and red annelids have been working great for me all up and down the river. The hatches are also getting better so you guys should get some good dry fly action when your here. I have also been doing great on streamers in the back channels in the afternoons.

    Like was said above there are a lot of cars at the Texas hole parking lot, but most people are stacking up in the Texas hole itself or in the new construction in the braids. So a little exploring will get you away from people and you will get on fish. I will have to disagree with a few in here on Andy Kim, but that's all I will say on that.

    You guys will have a great time down here, there is a ton of fish and the water should hopefully be cleared up by then. If you have any other questions shoot me a PM, and hit me up before your trip. I usually fish it a few times a week so ill let you know how its looking before you guys get here.

    Tight Lines
    I agree you can do better than Andy Kim, Chip out of Aztec Anglers or Fishheads is tops in my opinion and I have fished with a bunch of different guides on the Juan. You will get more than the standard 8 hour day, he will fish till dark. Fish a black bunny leach with something small underneath and you will do fine.

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    +1 on chip. My first fish on the Juan was on a float with him right after the ant fall...a 24 inch rainbow..


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    Also... find some braids or good pools and structure to fish. Much easier to get into fish IMO.

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    Just got back. Fished Baetis Bend. Viz is much better than 2 weeks ago, est. 3'.

    #24 parachute adams killed 'em when hatch started around 2-2:30, Friday better than Saturday for dries, though. Was fishing an indicator dry, 14 renegade, and picked up a dumb rainbow on it rather than the adams.

    Nymphing was good, too. I tied some desert storms (#20 Tiemco 2487) with tungsten beads and silver wire instead of flash - they worked real well, as did #22 red larvae. The former may be my "go to" fly next time.

    Biggest fish were wife's 20" bow and my 19" brown. Saw fish that may have been bigger but did LDR's on them.

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