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    Well after much deliberation, I've signed a lease in Silverthorne. Very excited to fish the Blue and surrounding rivers. Is there any recommended fly shops in the area? I think it would be benfecial to hire a guide for a day or two, when I get out there. Unless anyone of you guys/girls would want to show me around the area.

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    The blue river in silverthorne can be a lot of fun. Get there early to avoid crowds. Make sure to have some mysis patterns especially when the flows are up.

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    I second the get there early part. I arrived on sat at 6:00 am and was the first on the river. Landed 4 in the first 15 minutes. With the flows so high, there are less spots to fish it so the crowds are even worse right now.

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    Check out The Colorado Angler for a slightly more low key fly shop. It is the closest fly shop to the upper tail water holes. The guys in there know there stuff. The other option on that side of the county is Cutt Throat, which is above a mile farther down the river. Big bright shiny shop also with some good advice if you get the right guy.

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    It's good to know there some fishing in town. I'd rather fish more secluded areas.

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    Moving to Silverthorne in 15 days. Making a 30 hour drive from Vermont. Going to buy my license ASAP. Is anyone around this area and wouldn't mind showing me the rivers and steams. I would be willing to pay as an Incentive.

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    If you end up with a guide at Cutthroat anglers, ask for Jarred. Good people over there. He showed me all over the area and access points for multiple rivers. Tell him Charles from Texas recommended him. Have fun. We just spent a few days where you will be living and caught some great fish.

    Hopefully one of the forum guys from that area can spare a half day for a new guy.

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    FYI the flows are WAY up. Blue tailwater is raging, so be careful wading. ~1100cfs right now

    Gore, Eagle, Colorado = all blown good. Even the Taylor is running hot from the dam.

    Might be awhile with the streams but hike up to some alpine lakes, you might be surprised at what you can find.

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    Moving in on the 15th so hopefully it will be lower by then. Would a 4wt be adequate for the Blue river?

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    Default Re: SILVERTHORNE/Breckinridge/Vail/Copper mtn

    Quote Originally Posted by 802flyfish View Post
    Moving in on the 15th so hopefully it will be lower by then. Would a 4wt be adequate for the Blue river?
    That is all I ever fish the blue with.

    ***commercial alert***

    Last time I fished there I used my 10' 4wt Allen ICON and the 10' was so perfect for the area below Dillon through town. Dead drifting tiny size 20 blood midges and red disco midges, the 10' with a long 6x leader real helped a lot. I didn't land many but had many more takes.
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