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    Default SILVERTHORNE/Breckinridge/Vail/Copper mtn

    Good evening,

    Recent college grad who's transitioning from Vt to Colorado. I am still in process of finding a place to live but (Breckinridge,Dillion, Frisco, and silverthorne are my top choices. Can anyone recommend best area for trout fishing? Currently have a 4wt hardy zenith and enjoy fishing small creeks and rivers. Also is there any private fishing clubs that are worth a membership ? I was a bit disappointed to learn that in Colorado a waterway can be privately owned. Little outrages for me to pay 60 a day for private water for a day, but not opposed to spending money on a membership where I could get 40+ days on.
    Thanks for the tips and suggestions!!


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    Default Re: SILVERTHORNE/Breckinridge/Vail/Copper mtn

    So hard to say which good water, you are surrounded by it up there. The Blue, Gore, Eagle, Colorado and not a big hop over to a West slope water.

    The 4wt should be perfect up there for almost everything. Might try and snag a 6wt for streamers too and you would be fairly well set

    There is a rocky mt angling club with private water access , I didn't dig deep as it's all 2 hours from me
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    Default Re: SILVERTHORNE/Breckinridge/Vail/Copper mtn

    I don't know how to identify the 'best' location for trout fishing. All those spots would get you close to a lot of good water. Actually those you listed as top choices are rather close to each other. If you add Vail you'll get a bit further West but it is an easy drive unless there is snow.

    As for private / public water. Yes the land on the bottom of the river can be owned if both banks are owned but removing all 'private' water from Colorado and you'll have to work pretty hard to run out of water. Beyond an annual trip with my dad and brothers where my dad likes to fish some private water, I don't plan to pay for access and am not worried about finding spots to fish.
    - William

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    Default Re: SILVERTHORNE/Breckinridge/Vail/Copper mtn

    Thanks for the advice. A 6wt next on the list . I looked into rocky mt angling club but it seems you pay a membership to just receive advice. When I was reading the website I thought that for x amount of dollars to use the private waters listed was well worth the prices after reading the fine detail, you still have to pay the daily rod fee where you go anywhere from 40-120. I am not really sure what's the point of the membership is if you still have to pay the daily rod fee. If someone could explain that too me that would be appreciated. I am always eager to do a decent hike in to be rewarded with some nice fishing. Don't enjoy pulling off the highway to fish with 10 other people

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    Default Re: SILVERTHORNE/Breckinridge/Vail/Copper mtn

    PLENTY of fine fishing in and around the Breck area.

    I will be moving there permanently. I was going to leave 4/1....but, now the condo I am renting will not be available to 6/1....which is all good. I would have to travel back to Fl for my daughter graduation anyway!!!

    Good water,,,,ehhh.

    The hunt is whats its all about!!!

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  9. Default Re: SILVERTHORNE/Breckinridge/Vail/Copper mtn

    When I lived in denver I found plenty of places to wet a line without paying for private water. If you plan on living in the mountains then you'll have even more public water that is easily accesible.

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    Default Re: SILVERTHORNE/Breckinridge/Vail/Copper mtn

    I own a house in Blue Valley Acres, north of Silverthorne. I currently have tenants in it, but they are planning on leaving soon. They are on a month to month right now.

    Rental of the house includes access to the private stretch of the Blue below Green Mountain Res. Then, you've also got the Colorado 10 mins away, muddy creek, Williams fork, probably 20 mins away...

    The Gore, Eagle, and Blue in Silverthorne are about 30 - 40 mins away...

    You've picked a good spot...I wouldn't worry about a membership. That's for front rangers with limited access to in summit/eagle/grand county will put you on miles of water that you will never have to pay for except your fishing license...
    My fishing in Colorado Blog:

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    Default Re: SILVERTHORNE/Breckinridge/Vail/Copper mtn

    Basically, those places are all the same place. Dillon is Silverthorne on the other side of the highway, Frisco is close to 70 but right up the road is Breck. They are not far enough away form each other to be their own spot...anywhere you pick will be close to all the same fishing.

    UP there you will be closer to Denver and closer to a lot more people.

    What kind of range are you talking about?

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    Edit: deleted post. Not helpful to discussion.

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    Default Re: SILVERTHORNE/Breckinridge/Vail/Copper mtn

    I forgot to mention, there is a ton of fishing to be had near those/that town. and within 2 hours you have more than a lifetime can cover.

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