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    Thanks to all who responded. This is very helpful.
    I was worried about the traffic on Friday, so the closer the better.

    Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Quick Trip Denver - help please

    c21 typed what I did not have time to.

    This will be your best bet on a Friday with time constraints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jloncar View Post
    Some great points here. The traffic in the metro area is nightmarish especially on a Friday night. I think clear creek is a good bet and probably the easiest to get to.
    not exactly, traffic doesn't pick up till the usual after 4 pm,
    OP is done at 3 pm so he would still beat traffic.
    and there's not much traffic heading up I70 (west) in the afternoons.

    OP: from Littleton i would do following option:
    1. closest and easiest is just going up little bit up I70, past around Idaho Springs, and fish CLEAR CREAK that runs along the freeway, but water is already starting to get dirty/run offish below Idaho Springs. and fishing is just OK, i was out the other day, not much luck. and fish is on the smaller side.
    2. CHEESEMAN canyon is a fairly short drive down, might even be closer then the BLUE. at 3pm, you'll just be ahead of traffic. but CHEESEMAN will be crowded and is technical fishing, but fish are beautiful and of good size.
    3. BLUE RIVER (around Silverthorne) while i don't like crowds either, and it will be crowded, unless you go further up north towards Green Mountain Reservoir.
    while crowded, fish are of good size here too, and just like CHEESEMAN its technical as they get fished all the time, so they're very pressured. but it is very cool pulling in huge fish while you have ton of spectators watching you from the bridge.
    4. BEAR CREEK, would be the closest option for you, but i haven't fished it this year yet, so not sure how it is. anyone?

    being how you're traveling you might as well goto a location that will offer you some of the great fishing CO has, i would probably go down to CHEESEMAN, from the lower parking at Deckers, its about 15 min hike into the canyon, and while crowded you'll always find a spot, and fish there are amazing.

    once again, if you really will be done and on the road by 3 PM you'll just beat 90% of all the traffic. and by the time you're done fishing, there won't be any traffic on the way back either.

    good luck

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    Would Boulder Creek be an option? It seems as it is not too much past Clear Creek, and I will be spending the night there.

    My top priority is time on water after 3pm. Don't mind driving "home" after dark.

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    If you don't mind lakes, that's another option..

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