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  1. Default Drving from Gardiner MT to Denver - what to fish?

    I will be driving from Gardiner MT to Denver this Summer (August), and can take several days to do it. What trout rivers would you fish along the way, and in what order. Don't mind going somewhat off track to get to good water. Will probably camp along the way. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Drving from Gardiner MT to Denver - what to fish?

    If you come down through the park your possibilities are many. Just off the top of my head you have The Yellowsrone, Firehole, Lewis both below the lake and above between Lewis and Shoshone lakes, the Snake above the lake. After leaving the park you have Pacific creek, The Snake below the lake, the Buffulo Fork, The Gros Ventre, The Hoback. After leaving Jackson depending on your route You can have the Green, Big Sandy or the Greys and Salt rivers.

    I'm sure there are lots of good rivers along any route. I'm egually sure I've forgotten to mention some here too. Sure others will sound off with their choices. Enjoy your road trip!!!
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