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  1. Default Arkansas River Report 6/17/05 - Salida, Colorado

    [IMG2="left"][/IMG2] Salida Super 8
    Arkansas River Report 6/17/05
    Salida, Colorado

    For the middle of June, the Arkansas River is in the best fishing condition that we have ever experienced. A below average snowpack coupled with a quick and dirty runoff in late May have left us with flows that are about half the median average for this date, clear water from Leadville to Coaldale, and a brown trout population that is taking full advantage of the conditions and really putting on the feedbag. As of June 15th, flows are 245 cfs in Hayden Meadows, 485 in Granite, 682 at Buena Vista, 875 in Browns Canyon, and 874 at Wellsville. In addition to the river, the tributary streams are dropping and are clear and many of our alpine lakes are icing off. Whether you have a day or a week, there is a lot of great fishing going on in the Upper Arkansas River valley. In the Hayden Meadows and Granite area, fish are keyed onto stonefly nymphs but we haven’t seen much in the way of emerging adults yet. Dark wire stones, epoxyback golden stones, and yellow sally nymphs are all taking fish. Attractor dries like stimulators, parachute madam xs, royal wulffs, and hoppers will bring fish to the surface but we haven’t seen a lot of independently rising fish. From Buena Vista down to Coaldale, stoneflies are the main attraction right now. Golden and yellow sally stones are hatching at night and fish are keyed onto both the nymphs and adults, particularly along the edges. Hoppers are becoming increasingly active through this reach as well. We haven’t seen any Pale Morning Duns yet but seining has turned up a lot of mayfly nymphs that look ready to go. It won’t be long for summer mayflies. As always, dry dropper rigs with an attractor dry and a beadhead pheasant tail, copper john, prince, or hares ear are all taking fish.
    Looking ahead, we don’t believe that the river will rise significantly again. Flows should continue to ease down to 700 cfs where they will remain until mid-August. These are great levels for both wade and float fishing – hitting the river now, before the summer visitors arrive, provides an experience of relative solitude and fantastic fishing. We hope you can join us soon on the Arkansas!
    For more information on conditions, hatches, patterns or access, feel free to visit us at call us at 719- 539-4223, or visit one of our shops in Salida, Buena Vista or Pueblo. We encourage folks to call us at 719- 539-4223 or visit our fishing conditions page at prior to coming down as conditions could change. But at this point, the fishing is back on track and….there is nobody here taking advantage of it!

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    Brought to you by Colorado’s Premier Guide Service & Fly Shop on the Arkansas River & Salida’s Best Lodging Value Arkanglers (719) 539-4223 and the Salida Super 8 (719)- 539-6689 </O<O</O

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    Default Re: Arkansas River Report 6/17/05 - Salida, Colorado

    Sounds Great! wish I could go.

    Remember all, both Salida and Buena Vista are a reasonably short drive from the Miracle Mile and Elevenmile Canyon on the South Platte!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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