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Thread: Blackfoot river

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    Default Blackfoot river

    Made it out to the BlackFoot River to do some weekend fishing! Had a great time in Missoula as well as out on the water! Hopefully they get some rain soon, to help with the smoky air and fires!

    Some views/fish I caught while on the river!


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    Default Re: Blackfoot river

    What a beautiful area! The fish are amazing as well.

    Were the fires and smoke any problem while you were there?
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    Default Re: Blackfoot river

    The only issue was breathing the air, it was horrible. Other than that the fires had no effect on access to the river. There is around 16 fires currently burning in the area...They need rain bad!

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    Default Re: Blackfoot river

    Beautiful scenery, and some quality fish!

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    Default Re: Blackfoot river

    Great report with some stunning photos of the river and fish, looks like you have a really good time, congrats! Sorry to hear about all the fires in the area, hopefully the rain will come soon!!!!

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