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Thread: Boulder River in Late September

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    Question Boulder River in Late September

    Howdy from Texas! I plan on visiting Montana in September 25th - October 2nd. I normally fish for Bass in Texas and so this trip will be quite a change. I am trying to determine how I need to pack and outfit myself for the trip. I am considering taking a 5 weight with WF floating line. Taking a few size 4-6 9' leaders with matching tippet. I am considering trying to tie some flies prior to departing and wondering which I should attempt as well as colors and hook sizes. Does anyone have any suggestions on what hatches might be occurring in late September? I have read that I should take along some BWOs as well as Midges and Caddis. Maybe size 14-20 on everything?

    Any help would be greatly beneficial. I would love to slay them, but realistically I just hope to catch and release a few.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Howdy Texas! Montana is a miserable place that time of the year, and the fishing is bad...HA! I'm not real familiar with the Boulder but it will be good. We've had a really wet and cool summer and fall, so far, just so you know. Bring wool and rain gear.

    As for flies, Olives are a good bet and big Caddis - the October Caddis should be in swing then and the fish love 'em. Size 8-10 stimulators will suffice. Unless you are fish midges to those large mouths down there I would spend much time on the vise with #20 hooks. Small parachutes, 16-18 Adams and Olives, Wulffs, etc. will help. O, and bring some buggers and muddlers. Basic nymphs.

    Good luck and enjoy Montana. Just don't slay too many!

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    Default Re: Boulder River in Late September

    Thanks for the info. I am getting pretty excited about the trip. Here in Austin Texas the temps have hit 108 a few times this summer. Looking forward to being cold.

    Any color recommendations on the flies? I need to go to my local fly shop to buy supplies for my tying sessions. Sounds like I will be buying size 10, 16, and 20 hooks.

    Thanks for the help. I hope to get more suggestions from the forum as my trip date gets closer.

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