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Thread: Montana trip

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    Hi All
    I have left it the last minute for some suggestions please.
    We arrive in MT on the 30th June and travel on the 1st July to our B&B situated on Rock Creek just south of Phillipsburg then depart for livingston on the 6th July where we will stay until our day of departure on the 14th July.
    Hopefully Rock Creek will be wadeable by then, but if not are there any other places you could recommend?
    Georgetown lake, can it be fished from the shore, or is there a place we could hire a small boat?
    Lake fishing is a last resort as we prefer rivers.
    A fellow fly fisherman has offered to go on a float with us either down the Bighole or the Beaverhead on the 4th July.
    7th of July (my birthday!) we will be on De Puys and hopefully a float down the Yellowstone with guide Matthew Long on the 8th July, but that day is flexible.We like our hiking as well so will probably hike up to Mystic lake and on another day try the Boulder river.
    My fishing companion is very keen to go whitewater rafting, any suggestions where?
    Of course all this is dependant upon the run off but our fingers are crossed very tightly!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    If any of you plan on visiting the UK i will always be available to answer any of your questions.
    I will post pictures and reports when we return to the UK
    Richard and Nick

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    I live in helena, its about 2 hours from missoula and about 1.5h from from Rock Creek. Are you guys renting a car? I would be down with fishing with you guys around helena... Georgetown lake has some BIG brook trout swimming in it. I would recommend a stop on the little blackfoot on your way to bozemon. It is full of wild trout and extremely fun dry fly action. Have you thought about fishing for grayling at all? A great place to white water raft is the gallatin river near bozemon i did it two years ago; it was a blast! You can even watch the fish rise all day long. Then fish in the evening.
    try: River Rafting near Yellowstone Park with Montana Whitewater Rafting Company

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    Many thanks for the advice, we will take it if possible, at the moment from what i understand the Gallatin is in full run-off mode and dangerous but hopefully it might come down for a trip.
    We fly out in 24 hours!

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    how's the trip going for you guys?

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    Hi All,
    We only got back to the UK yesterday so i am getting over the jet lag and mosquito bites!
    Our 1st few days on Rock Creek only got better as time went on, caught Rainbows,Cutts,Browns and whitefish up to 17'' and the tail end of the Salmon fly hatch, my god they are big bugs!
    Flies that worked were stimulators, green drakes, elk hare sedge, san juan and prince nymph's.
    Wading was challenging at first but then got easier as the level dropped.
    2nd week was also great, fished on De Puys, Gardiner, Slough Creek, Mystic lake (near Absaroka) Firehole,Gibbon and finally a float trip down the Upper Madison, caught fish up to 20''.
    Once again thanks for your help.
    Richard (and my fishing buddy Nick)

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    Default Re: Montana trip


    Sounds like you had a very successful fishing trip, Congrats!


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